Once you're able to use larger sized dumbbells is there any benefits to going back down to lighter sized dumbbells?


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I currently own a pair of 0.5kg dumbbells but I'm planning to buy some 1kg , 2kg & 3kg dumbbells & work my way up to larger sized dumbbells over time. What I want to know is once you've mastered strength training 💪🏾 with heavier weights are there any benefits to going back down to lighter sized dumbbells?

I know lighter sized dumbbells (0.5-1kg) are good for cardio exercises such as shadow boxing but are lighter weights also good for building sheer muscular endurance & body toning while continuing to use heavier & heavier dumbbells such as 5kg or 10kg or even heavier sized barbells for building & maintenaning strength 💪🏾& bulk.

Basically what I'm saying is if I owned a full dumbell set would I benefit from using all the different dumbell sizes in consistent workout routines instead of just using the heavier weights. I ask because I know a lot of people who only stick to heavier weights once they built up lots of muscle & never use smaller weights 🤔

I'm open to suggestions 😊 for cardio & strength training exercises for 0.5 , 1 , 2 & 3kg dumbbells. Thanks in advance


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If your goal is to increase muscle mass or max strength going back to lighter weights for the same exercise doesn't make sense. If you're working more on strength/endurance or adding smaller muscle groups (say your shoulder hurts so you're adding in something for your rotator cuff) smaller weights do make sense. As usual it all depends on your specific situation and goals.


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Depending on the exercise, yes lighter weights can be beneficial.

of course what constitutes a lighter weight is dependent on the perception of the person using them.

For rehab exercises and for exercises targeting mobility, or stability specifically working on motor control patterns I will work with very light (1-5 kg) or light (5-15 kg) KBs or DBs Working on explosive power weight range will be from bodyweight only up to moderate weight. Building muscle size the working weight would be in the moderate range and again would depend on the exercise being done but for me the DBs would be in the 15-40 kg range. For strength the DBs would be 90-100% of my max strength for the exercise.