New Year’s Resolution: Love Your Body!

Ah, the beginning of a New Year. A time to reflect and start anew: new hopes, dreams, goals for yourself. Speaking of which, have you taken that all important inventory of your body, yet? Is this the year you’re going to make the change?

Wondering how to begin? Read on…

Most people begin a new year in earnest; dreaming of building a shapely new body. However, by the end of January they are back to their same old habits. This year make it easy on yourself; simply commit yourself to building healthy body. The rest is easy: you’ll need only to glean the proper education and time management. Here, I’ve outlined five basic steps so you can easily begin your
commitment to a healthy, shapely new year:

Step One: Begin where you are. This sounds logical but it’s true. All you really have is this moment; today. The past is behind you, learn from it, then let it go. Aim to be grateful for where you are right now, give thanks for who you are. You are unique and special. In fact, take some time to list all of your greatest gifts. Reflect on them and give thanks.

Step Two: Just as you must begin where you are, you must Love your body as it is right now. Perhaps you don’t know this yet, but your body is perfect, healthy and whole just as it is. Even if it is not the image of what you define as perfection, inside you is the potential for health, beauty and well being. Give thanks for this beautiful machine! This beautiful body that is yours has the potential to do great things. At this moment: vow to take great care of this body and engage its natural ability to be healthy.

Step Three: Do more with less. You don’t necessarily need expensive equipment or gym memberships to take care of your body, begin by getting yourself moving everyday and making some small changes to your diet. Here are some simple ideas: decrease your salt and sugar intake and take some long, leisurely walks. Embrace how good it feels to treat your body well and put it in motion. Form a habit of feeding your body better and get it moving. Soon you will work these efforts into a regular exercise and a sound nutrition program.

Step Four: Get support. There are many ways to get support in creating your Brand New Body: online and off. If you need to lose weight, Weight Watchers has built a community of like minded people that know how get the job done.

Step Five: Set a goal for the year, then break it down. Finally, set your big yearly goal! But wait--before you get intimidated--break this big goal into 12 mini-goals; achievable things you can do each month. Next, begin to carve out specific “exercise time” in your day. Are you a morning person? Do you have most of your energy before bed? Be aware of these things when you begin to move into your exercise “habit forming.”

Most of all make a motion to educate yourself this year. Yes you can, be Smart and Fit! Check out books on exercise (see Brand New Body ==> Finally, reward yourself as you progress through 2004. Instead of food, try a massage, a weekend trip to a day spa or just taking a day for yourself. Yes, sometimes beginning a new year can be daunting, but if you have a plan, support and a bit of motivation: chances are you will meet with success!


Laura Turner, C.P.T wants to help you build a Brand New Body in 2004. She is building an Online Fitness Community at===> Set goals, Lose Weight, Get Fit and healthy. No more excuses! Start now.

Laura Turner, C.P.T