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when weight training, i am aware that it is suggested a lot of water is drank each day (about 8 glasses) but is there a recommended amount of milk that should be drunk each day?
My second question is will drinking lots of milk lead to an increase in bone size due to its high calcium content?

Eating large amounts of calcium (or in the case of milk, drinking), can NOT cause unusual bone development in a normal healthy person. Drink all the milk you want. Milk also is a good source of protein and some vitamins.
Yuo do not need to drink unusual amounts of water. You can meet your water intake requirements from other liquids and from the water contained in food. Most fresh, raw fruits and vegetables contain a large percentage of water, which also counts towards getting your required water needs for the day. That said, drinking more water is almost always good, up to a point at which you over work your system processing too much water. However, most people could never pratically drink that much water.
Milk is very important for our body. The milk fat globule membrane in the breast. Milk contain many bioactive components. Infant formulas traditionally have been devoid of the MFGM fraction. It helps your body to take in and use calcium, another key nutrient for healthy bones.