Low carb. Seed Crackers

i finally found some raw pumpkin seeds, so the next batch will be even better.... thanks for posting the recipe. by thick i am guessing the last batch was about 1/8"... half that thickness also means i can have twice as many... :)
I just remembered I cut up the pumpkin seeds, as my first batch was too coarse. I'll go change that now.
i see your point.
maybe add poppy seeds to the mix?


i used to have a nut chopper, but i haven't seen it in some years.
i've made these crackers about a dozen times now. some lessons learned...

1) i now have an inventory of 8 different seeds, so i used a big tupperware-like container where i've basically mixed in a cup or more of each. when i make the recipe now, i just scoop out 1 1/3 cups of this mix. a lot easier.

2) i've settled on one hour at 300° F (convection bake setting) as the cooking time. i then cut/ score the still hot and moist sheet right out of the oven.

3) keeping the oven door open, in about 10 minutes it cools to where i put it on the "warming" setting at 140° F for 2 hours. about 1/2 way through, when they firm up a bit, i turn them over off the parchment which collects a bit of oil.

4) after 2 hours i turn off the oven and let the pan cool down still inside. in about 1/2 hour they will be cooled and crisp.

5) store in a tupperware=like sealable container.
added a little twist today... threw in about a teaspoon of caraway seeds and it gave this batch a bit of a rye taste.
Cate, how did your "rye" crackers turn out? i've been to the store about 3 times since i used up my last bit and i've forgotten to get them every time... :)

i've run out of almond flour so i substituted ... i think it was garbanzo bean flour, today. the cooking aroma was a little different. i couldn't really put my finger on it (i have a very poor sense of smell/ taste) but it did remind me of something. the texture spreading out the batter seemed to be a little stiffer. the bean flour did seem a little more fine than the almond flour i use. i'm sure they'll taste ok and the bean flour is more similar than a grain flour would have been more than likely. i believe it is also low or no gluten.
I haven't been making crackers, flyer. I decided that I don't like seeds in large quantities. I may make them again just from time to time.
i haven't seen almond flour on the shelf on my last two outings, so this time i substituted some rice flour i had left over from the holiday shortbread. the texture was a little better than than garbanzo bean flour i used last time and the taste (though my taste is awful) was a bit more mild. i really think any low or gluten free flour would do.


i've been making two batches at a time now that i picked up a second cookie (cracker?) sheet. saves on the parchment paper (use the same top sheet for both batches) and also conserves the drying time i have to have the oven on. i have three oven racks so i might add on a third batch to the routing soon. i have the prep time down to about 10-12 minutes/ sheet now.
scored some almond flour a few days ago and made a double batch this morning. have to say, both the taste and texture seem better with almond vs the two others (rice and garbanzo bean) i was using for a few rounds. the downside... it's one of the most pricey, but then, the recipe only uses 1/3 cup. one $10-$12 bag will make well over a dozen batches.
been a while since i've made a some crackers, but baking a double batch this morning. forgot just how good these smell while in the oven. i added Caraway seeds to both batches and their pungent aroma is making the kitchen smell like a big loaf of rye bread.

made another change in baking... upped the time at 300° to 75 minutes when i turn off the oven. i open the door and knock about 100° off the temp and then close the door and leave them there to cool while completely drying them out. since i don't have a lot of control over the thickness, the times vary somewhat. it's more of a feel when you break up the sheet. you don't want much to any flexibility... they should snap apart.