I really and truly need help with this.

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Hello all, I am a man that works a job that has a lot of walking involved. My weight has got beyond the point where I struggle to keep up. My other vices are cigarettes and alcohol, the later I drink way to much. I from the moment of this post has binned all the things I know that have made me obese, I have also promised my daughter who I took back to here university yesterday that she would see a different dad when see comes back in three months time. I like a lot of people in this spiral are not stupid , when your fat it so easy for people to make fun and put you down, it’s like it’s the last thing people can have ago at something without thinking it’s offensive. It hurts so much when you see the looks and here the comments they make. No more for me, help me please.


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The first step I would suggest is starting a thread in the diary section, start logging your food and exercise if any, this will give other members a chance to see where you can make changes you can stick too.


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Hi, Solan & welcome to the forum. Most people in the forum follow different plans, but the one that suits you specifically & that is sustainable for life is the best one for you. We can make suggestions as Tru said & I’m sure you will also get some moral support. Most of us know what you are going through. You have made a start already by making the decision to get healthy. :)
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