Hy Tech Weight Loss. Thoughts?


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I apologize if this has been asked elsewhere, the search function doesn't like anything less than 4 digits so I can't do a search for "Hy Tech".

My wife is going to a Hy Tech consultation today, but I wanted more information than I was able to get from their site. I mean, <link removed> their site has NO information, which just screams scam to me.

I did find a site that has reviews <link removed> here, but online reviews are notoriously untrustworthy thanks to sock puppets. The reviews at least have monetary amounts attached ($1400 for a 2 year program seems to be the consensus), but I want to know if the program is worth that.

Any thoughts would be wonderful. Oh, and I didn't post this earlier because she just booked the consult today...for today.
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Just got back from the consult and here's my thoughts.

First, this is a starvation diet to start, with appetite suppressing drugs to make you not go nuts. It's 500-700 calories per day with no sugars, starches, or sodium. The recommended a bunch of different supplements for your nutrition during that time, which lasts up to 40 days. After that it goes to 1,200 calories a day (still no sugars, etc.) and no more pills. It's at this time where they start you on a workout regimen.

So really other than the pills it's nothing you can't do yourself. The biggest difference is that (1) you are under a doctor's care the whole time and (2) you have someone pushing you and measuring you.

But then they rolled out the $3000 price tag and we were forced to back out. It's a pay upfront or "easy monthly payments with good credit" kind of thing. My wife is disappointed, but I think we can find something that won't break the bank.


Tell your wife that she doesn't need to pay for any program. Most of us here don't bother with anything like that - and we lose weight just fine without it.

There is absolutely no need to cut your calories as far down as that either - in fact it is often counter-productive over the long term. Normal healthy eating combined with becoming more active will get you where you want to be and also teach you healthier behaviour for maintaining that weight loss - something very much left to luck on most diet programs.

There are all sorts of ways of calculating calorie levels appropriate for losing weight - and indeed free computer tools and phone apps... For that matter - the rule of thumb of 10 times your weight in pounds tends to work just fine in my experience and naturally reduces as you lose weight...

Eat a healthy balanced diet with those calories - again there are free tools that can help you with that too - I used a free account from when I lost more than half of my start weight - but I know that some people prefer some newer tools (by then my old account was second nature and so much easier that I never got away with the other stuff)... We all have a good idea of the basics of nutrition - make sure that those calories give our bodies a good mix of fruit / veg (they help to fill you up and bring a lot of vitamins and nutrients) and a reasonable amount of protein, some calcium and be sure to have enough water... Be wary of eating too much sodium - which tends to be more of an issue if you eat a lot of packaged foods or add a lot of salt to the food.

Everyone can start doing exercise from day 1. I was very big and started with gentle walking. As I got fitter - my walking got faster and I started wanting to try other exercise too. I still do some walking pretty much every day - but do a lot of zumba and dance... I currently do 6 hours of zumba a week and salsa dancing at least 3 or 4 times a week. There is no need to wait before starting to exercise - simply pick an appropriate form of exercise for your current size and fitness level. If you have health conditions which prevent any form of exercise you can still lose weight (through food control alone) but the job is that much harder because you are not enhancing your calorie burn through exercise.

I have removed the link from your initial posting as it broke our forum rules...

Save your money and spend it on something a lot more interesting than lining the pockets of a diet company.


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Weight should never be the defining factor in getting fit and healthy. What you want to do is get your muscle to fat ratios under control and balanced for your age and height. I see so many skinny fat people everyday in the gym all concerned about how much they weigh, skinny/low weight does not make or keep you healthy... muscle mass and low body fat is what works for longevity and makes it easier to get thru your daily activities.

I am a fitness trainer and have no alliances with nutritionists, naturopaths, dietitians etc, but would always suggest that if you want advice and help is getting things under control and education in proper nutritional protocols then seek out and visit one of these experts in your area, as well as an exercise specialist, for any eating plan will not bring you real results without increasing your muscle mass. My suggestion is to put the money you had kind of budgeted for the bogus weight loss plan you so correctly and wisely backed out of into nutrition and exercise professionals. You will be healthier, happier and looking sharp. DIETS DO NOT WORK, you should never worry about your weight as opposed to being very concerned about your muscle/fat ratios. The diet industry is a scam and complicit is the increasing obesity rates around the world without exception.