Hi And A Bit About My Flab To Fab Journey!

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Rob Houghton

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Hey Everyone,

I hope you're all awesome! Just thought I'd introduce myself, as I think it would be rude not to.

My troubles started when I left the Army in 2002. Before I joined, I was tea total and a no smoker but all that changed, being one of the youngest in there, I just wanted to fit in with the boys. Bit pathetic really looking back.

I ended up a sucker for a pint of lager, and would go the bar or drink and smoke in my room most nights. Which led to me getting in trouble with my superiors coz I would turn up to parade half cut and reeking of ale.

Anyway, within 6 months of leaving, I put on about 4 or 5 stone, mainly because I packed in smoking and went from super active to a couch potato who struggled to walk up the road without my calves buring the hell outa me. Plus I had a competion with my best mate to see who could get the biggest gut! I won hands down by the way. :cheers2:

I realised I got to do something when I bought an expensive shirt for a night out and couldnt fasten the buttons! The next size would have been down to my knees! I would have been better off going to the local tent shop. :blush5:

Anyway, I got off my lazy ass, found a running track and local gym, and started hitting the weights inbetween my running days, which worked really well. I went from pasta and sauce every 2 hours to tuna wholemeal pasta and other things which I thought would help me reach my goal of zapping the fat, and getting down to a 30 inch waist. :waving:

I'm now a 28 inch waist, 4 stone lighter and feeling like I did at 17 again! :hurray:

Flip me man! well done sir! just starting out on my weight loss. What sort of time frame did you lose that weight in? any gym routines you found you liked?
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