Here are some update pictures


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CF815B75-82BC-4A9E-ABB0-1A106EA169BD.jpegA72D192D-A8CC-4C6F-A7C0-1C0F14AD56D6.jpegB7F67B55-21C1-4D15-8351-E8E20521628D.jpegB181005F-CCB0-4750-A66F-2BABA42A3B8C.jpegHere are some pictures; sorry they are not in order. The second to last (with the red circle) was taken my sophomore year of high school. The first one was taken in summer 2019. Then the other two were take pretty recently, my freshman year of college.
Hey Raelee, always good to hear from you. And thanks for the pictures, what a beautiful girl! You look a little heavier in the high school (red circle) picture, am I right?

What's happening with you now?
That’s great. Yes, I was heavier in high school. My height is 5’8. Most of high school, I was around 145 lbs. currently I’m at around 124 lbs with a BMI of 18.9. I’ve always been in the healthy weight range, but I still find ways to lose more weight. I should probably be careful not to get too low though.
You look great! Don't get too skinny.