Hello to everyone thank you all for letting me join


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Hello to everyone I hope you are all well as you can tell I am new here my name is cole I am using cakeke as my niece used to call me cakeke when she was a baby now the has stuck lol.


I work for a big company in the office department we have been working from home since the lockdown in the UK.
On the 1st lockdown, I got put on the Thurlow scheme that was nice for a time I used a fitness club near the office but now I work from home let's say I like my snacks at the office and home.
Let's say I have put on a bit of weight due to the snack situation so on the snack, I have gone on to the healthy snack bars but the ones I am getting taste like cardboard you know those brown biscuit ones and some honey and oats bars you need a jackhammer to eat one.
Has anyone got any good suggestions on healthy snacks that you're not breaking your teeth on thank you for your help?


As I'm not going to the fitness gym club near the office I have to need looking into doing it at home as I have not got a big house can not fit in the fitness gear looking at routines that you can do at home which can be fun to do video routines for roundabout 30-minutes or 10 minutes I have come across this fun routines video I have put the link below you can do at home.

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Hello to you hope you are will:)