Exercise clears depression?

This article is very true. I exercise daily because I want to have a healthy and active lifestyle. I do some cardio workouts and lifting. I love swimming and cycling too. Exercising daily really improves my life and health. A thirty minute jog a day is a must for me because it made me feel good.
yes it does because doing a exercise it but there isn’t enough good evidence to say for sure. so you need a treatment for that..
It's really awesome what a little exercise can do. Today’s work environment is contributing to inactive lifestyles, stress and alarmingly high rates of preventable disease. So we all should do this regularly to gain a fit, happier, healthier and more productive life style.
Exercise helps me to have a better life. It relieves my stress while losing some weight. I get so sad when I feel that I am getting fat so I started to have an active and healthy lifestyle now. I spend 20-30 minutes in my stationary bike every day to keep my body fit and healthy.
Very well said. Regular moderate exercise definitely keeps depression at bay. Besides, it has countless physical benefits, right from keeping your heart healthy to keeping blood pressure & sugar level normal. Exercise should be a ritual in one's life just like brushing your teeth.

I knew that regular exercise keeps us happy. However, I did not know that this happiness is the result of hormone release in our system. Thank you very much for this useful post.

I agree with the points that you have mentioned, Indeed regular exercise helps to achieve all the points that have been mentioned above.

I am sure this information will helpful and motivational for many users!

Rightly said. Exercise benefits in more ways than one. Not only it helps in fighting depression but also in other physical aspects. Regular exercise surely uplifts the mood.
For me personally, I found that intense bodyweight exercises and high intensity interval training helped the most. Apart from a significant improvement in mood, I lost a massive amount of weight, which helped my self-esteem and social life.

The initial days were very difficult and I had a lot of trouble motivating myself; but I stuck to it despite a few lapses along the way.Life is much better now; I do have a dark phase every now-and-then, but it's not as difficult as it used to be.

Bodyweight exercises: Push-ups, Squats, Pull-ups, leg-raises.
Absolutely agreed - I always cycle to and from work and it makes a huge difference. I feel really calm when I get home, even a little fresh (not too many hills). I was just wondering how much of the U.S. population is aware of endorphin? Not too much if you look at how many people exercise.
From depression and anxiety to stress and ADHD, exercise is one of the easy way ... Even a short, 15-minute walk can help clear your mind.
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