Damn these stretch marks!

I used to go to the gym 5 days a week (a year ago). I stopped cuz I hurt my back, and around that same time, I noticed that I had gotten stretch marks on my biceps. They go between my bicep and chest area, above my armpit. They are very noticible if I have my shirt off and its really embarasing and makes me self conscious.

Ive had them for about a year or longer, and they arent fading away. Most of the time they are purple, like stretch marks usually are. Has anyone else experienced this in this area? Is there anything I could do to reduce their appearance?
Most people who grow quickly like myself will tend to get stretch marks.

Look at them as "war wounds".

a lotion with cocoa butter will help prevent stretch marks, to a degree, as it helps make the skin more elastic. stretch marks happen when the skin stretches more than it should, so if you encourage elasticity, you should get fewer marks that aren't as big/dark/noticable.
Stretch marks will eventually go away as the years go by. I have been lifting since I was 17 and I had stretch marks for about the first 5-6 years. They have eventually faded away by the time I turned 27.

I think over time your skin builds extra collagen in areas of the body that are prone to tissue alterations (same effect as a callous forming).
Stretch marks will eventually go away as the years go by. I have been lifting since I was 17 and I had stretch marks for about the first 5-6 years. They have eventually faded away by the time I turned 27.

I think over time your skin builds extra collagen in areas of the body that are prone to tissue alterations (same effect as a callous forming).

Are you saying that the mark will completly go away?

I've never experiance or heard of that. I've seen them fade on people through the years however even when one's skin tightens through diet/fitness and the like, the stretch mark usually will still appear, only not as dark.
Thanks for the replies. Im 20 right now, so I guess I have some time to get over it. During the time I got them, I was really focusing on getting by arms bigger. They did, but I guess a little too fast, so the marks showed up. Now I just gotta get my lazy ass back into the whole gym routine.
It's the same way when you have babies. But no, they don't completely go away. They just fade. :(
Stretch marks don't go away. They will just change their color and will appear white after a few years, and thus less noticable.
I heard that tanning lotion makes them even less noticable, but people with tanning lotion always look kind of funny. In my opinion.:eek:
Stretch marks won't ever go away, they fade and their color will change but they will always be there. My guy has a few around his shoulders. It doesn't change the way I see him. To me he's still the sexiest man ever! (ok, enough of that):eek:

Don't worry about them, they're one of those things that mean nothing when you look at the big picture :)
I have them on my abs, biceps, my ass and my lower back. And they will never go away unless I have laser stretch mark surgey removal.

I might try that when I have spare cretash. I've heard about the coolbeam for stretch marks they have in america. Theres been good results with that...I'd love to have that done. But its all pricey. :eek:
stretch marks

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im not even big ..been the same weight all year and just recently got like 3 little stretch marks on my right bicep for some reason. i havnt even gotten bigger. so i dont know wehre it came from
This is the thread that keeps bouncing :)

Why do so many people dislike their stretch marks? I love all of mine, they're like natures tattoos. So long as they don't start appearing on my stomach I'm happy
I don't like stretch marks but thats because I have them for a different reason then lifting. I got them because I was too big (fat). So yea it sucks but as you lose weight they do tend to blend in better but never go away.
What about women who get them from pregnancy? I'm afraid that I'll lose my nice belly when I decide to have kids. Well, you have to give up some things in order to get other things.

Well, I have stretch marks in one area, and it's not from lifting weights and growing muscle too quickly. I got them as a preteen when my chest area started to develop. I think it happens to every woman.
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does anyone have any pictures of what stretch marks look like? I think I might have some on my inner tigh. They are red, kinda dents in the skin.. weird..
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