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Here on the forum we receive a barrage of spam for the "Custom Keto Diet" every day so here is a bit of info about this particular scam.

in no particular order

This is a diet that depending on the site you are reading was created either by Rachel Roberts or Tom Hunter, neither are credible, The Custom Keto site claims she is a world famous dietitian, who happens to have no digital or paper footprint outside of Custom Keto, basically she does not exist. Tom hunter is an affiliate marketer claiming to be a world class top selling author, however he has little more than some low quality self published kindle books on a range of topics such as Zen, Personal finance, soft porn.herbal remedies and organic pest control. All self published in the same year, and no sign of a top selling intermittent fasting book.

Fake reviews - The internet is filled with fake "is custom keto diet a scam" pages, all have near identical wording with a generous scattering of affiliate links throughout curtesy of the company providing the wording as a marketing tool.

Product price is $37 dollars with 75% going to the affiliate who's link you followed for the purchase, however the average income for a sale is $39.64 due to the high pressure upselling.

Upselling, the makers of this product rely on upselling you additional supplements and products to make their profit

E-Mail Spam - "We follow up with every optin that doesn’t buy to sell them on the great features and benefits of a Keto diet and also follow up with the buyers to upsell additional products to really maximise the ROI from every lead." If you go through their initial marketing funnel to get information about the program they will have a lot of personal details which they use to bombard your email with high pressure marketing emails and scare tactics if you do not buy from them.

It took a lot of digging through fake review sites before finding genuine reviews buried deep in google, and they paint a less than rosy picture of the program and the practices around it. The biggest complaint was the "custom diet" giving everybody salmon as a meal most days of the week, Shopping lists with food that did not match the recipe in quantity or food type. Random charges made to credit cards, and lack of refunds. Inclusion of foods which are very much inconstant with a keto diet. Lack of anything custom about the diet. No mention for vegetarians prior to purchase that they have no vegetarian food options and no consideration for allergies.

On clickbank the program is described as cashing in on the multi million dollar keto craze.

I am running out of time and this post is getting rather long, but remember if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.
We delete tons of this form of spam every day... I know that I'm forever banning people for it...

I love this concept of "anti spam" whereby the worst offenders get an appraisal. Lets hope that the other spammers take note and do a cease and desist before Tru gets round to an appraisal of their services.
I'm sometimes tempted to leave parts of some of the spam posts as they are so pathetic but usually choose to ban them. I know they keep coming back, but we keep banning them & so on.......
Custom Keto Diet Scam also loves to take other people's before & after transformation pictures and represent them as their own:

This is a diet that depending on the site you are reading was created either by Rachel Roberts

Rachel Roberts is a fake identity/character portrayed by youtuber MJ Gordon.
The guy in that picture is John from Obese to Beast. He was once on Ellen to talk about his weightloss and excess skin. Definitely didn't do custom keto.