Considering Smart Lipo?

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I think you should search for the pros and cons of smart lipo before even considering of getting yourself one. As for me, I am for the natural way of losing weight eating healthy foods and daily exercise.
hi, i've had it on my chest. I am over the moon with the results. I recommend it to anyone. i was awake thru the whole thing. i'll pass the dtails of my doc to anyone interstred in consulaton.
Smartlipo laser lipolysis is a body-sculpting procedure to melt and remove fat that is unresponsive to dieting and exercising and tighten the skin.
Hey, I went through a procedure called Ultrasound Lipolysis (U-Lipo) here in Mumbai. It was at a place called Prettislim.
I had a double chin which simply wouldn't go away. U-Lipo breaks down fat cells which are difficult to get rid of with normal diet/exercise. Yes, it really works.
It also tightens the skin in the area so that you are not left with any saggy wrinkly skin after becoming thin.
I know people who've lost 45+ kgs (100lbs) with this procedure.
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