Club 190s

Today is Day 1 for me (again.)

Back to a healthy diet, portion control, and exercise! :hurray:

I hope to join Club 180s soon! :sifone: Almost there!

- anyone else here in the 190's? -
I was so glad to get out of the 200's club.. Now I want out of the 190's club. Dang can't we just skip to the 130's club lol
I hear ya!
Wouldn't it be just great to wake up at goal?! :biggrinjester:

I had a great day 1. :hurray:

Have A Goal Reachin' Tuesday Lea.


I hope to be in the 180's by weigh-in on Monday. ;)

If I am, I'll still pop in here to check on you guys!
Whelp, I'm still

I didn't have a loss at Weigh-In today.

Next time I WILL! :biggrinjester:

Have A Goal Reachin' Monday Everyone!

- Stacy
goal for next monday

I got a mini goal that i hope I can reach. My 1st mini goal for this year is on monday. I need to lose 4 more lbs. I kicked up my cardio so I hope this can be realistic! I just have to watch out for this weekend and I think I'll be good. Good luck everyone, we can do this! oh and I'm finally in here at 198.5! Whoo hoo!

Love for all
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I reached my mini goal

Well holy crap I wanted to kick up my cardio yesterday, but I think I pushed myself wayyyyyyy to hard. After the workout I couldn't hardly breath and today when I woke up I realized that my legs are more sore than I every thought they could be! Now this sucks because now I can't even walk to my car much less go to the gym! And I did reach my mini goal but I'm scared I'll gain it back in water weight.:ack2: uhg....we'll just have to

I hope everyone is doing great! much love!
If I keep at this pace for the next two weeks I should be out of the 190s :D Woohoo. We can do it!
My ideal weight is 196 and im getting close to it, so ill hopefully be a permanent resident in here with you guys. Does it count if i chop 1 of my arms off to get here?:)
Stupid me, I should've known! lol.

And, no that doesn't count. :p
See you guys in about 6 weeks hopefully :D