Cate's Diary

I have had a lovely day today. My golf was just ok, but it didn't matter. I had a lovely social day.
I think I will be a work in progress until the day I die, Llama :grouphug:
I gave away 2 hearts today- one to the wife of one of our players (she has cancer) & the other to one of our women players who saw me give the other away & was very curious about them. When I asked her to choose one for herself she surprised me by saying she didn't deserve one. She chose one & I said that I would have never picked that one for her (it was dark) & she then zeroed in on another which was really colourful. It was so much more like her.
I had some lovely exchanges today that gladdened my heart.
Glad you had a lovely social day Cate!
And very lovely heart story. So good when we have such positive interactions that lift our hearts!
Glad you had a lovely social day Cate!
And very lovely heart story. So good when we have such positive interactions that lift our hearts!
Thanks, Liza xo
How's Archie doing?
He's doing amazingly well, thanks Blue. He's a tough little guy. I didn't fool him with his antibiotic this morning hidden in a tiny amount of cheese. He sussed it out & spat it out. Cheeky monkey.

Once again I feel really tired this morning, but know that it's because I played golf again yesterday. That's 3 times in 7 days. That's maybe one game too many. I'll have a quiet day today.
Will Archie be ok without the medicine? I've had to take my cat back to the vet for them to administer medicine each day because she is incredibly good at pretending to swallow pills and then spit them out later. Sorry to hear that so many of your friends are going through severe illness and death. That must be overwhelming. I am glad you get great exercise and have so many happy things in your life! Nice you are giving out more hearts again!!
I'll try something else tonight, M. I think I'll melt the cheese this time.
With so many people dying around us it makes us even more determined to be as active as we can & eat healthily. Most of them were golfers. We do have lots of friends who are over 70 so I suppose it's to be expected. I must make some more hearts. It has been quite warm but I need some more made 💕
I've got a few friends in their older years, and it certainly does make one aware of making the most of the time we have together while we are here...It's good it helps in your determination to be even more active and healthy too.
It sure does, Liza. There's no point sweating the unimportant stuff & it's much more important to enjoy whatever time we have left. I have a lot of golf coming up in the next month including 4 games in one week at our national championships! On the first day, one of our older friends & I have a title to defend. We're going to wear matching flamengo shirts! He's a lovely guy & is A's older brother.
4 games in a week sounds like quite the ride! I'm sure you and your friend are going to have fun twinning it up though.
Maybe if the melted cheese doesn't work somehow get it in an eyedropper or something then just quickly stick it in.
Probably not pleasant but none of it sounds pleasant.
When my family fed sick pets they made the dry food liquidy and fed them thru an eyedropper . It's not as bad as it sounds.? And maybe add something sweet just a tiny bit.
But I do hope the melted cheese works,
That's so happy you'll have matching golf outfits. It doesn't matter how you do, because you'll both be looking so fabulous together! I hope all goes well with the melted cheese. It's hard having a smart pet when it's time to give them medicine. Smart little buggers.
Thanks, Blue. He won't let me use a dropper either. He's a cunning little dog. I'll find a way.
Thanks, Marsia. It will be fun to wear matching outfits with M. He's a lovely guy- quite old-fashioned, but quirky.
Archie is a smart little bugger!

I am still feeling tired today. G has gone to a golf tournament up the coast & won't get home until late. I feel like snoozing. I don't have the energy to take Archie for a walk yet- maybe after lunch!

I am feeling out of sorts today. I need to ring a friend to see if it's ok for us to stay with her when our big golf tournament is on, but for some reason, I'm having trouble making the call.
I have Arch booked into the kennels not far away for that week. I think it's because I don't want to go.
I made six hearts yesterday. I might sew some more today.