Cassie's Diary

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Fifteen pounds down - that's great! Well done! :)
Starting Weight :: 520
Current Weight :: 508

I'm still here. Had a few things happen the past couple weeks. Started getting a sharp pain/pull in my calf went to the er because I have a history of blood clots they kept me in the hospital for almost a week to be sure it's not a clot. It turned out to be a really bad muscle tear was told to do light walking and relax/ice it for a week. Finally able to walk and do more on it. Was scared to weigh myself this morning thinking for sure I gained at least half, maybe all, my weight but saw just one pound gain which i'll take considering it could have been a lot more. Starting back on my regular walking 5 laps 2 times a day and doing 15-20 min chair exercising once a day until I know for sure the muscle is healed.
Hey Cassie, good to see you back. You are still down from where you started and now on track with a plan, I am sure you will do fine!

Keep on posting.
I love walking as an exercise! It can be gentle; it can be energetic; it doesn't need special equipment; it can be right at home or it can take us places! (Totally endorsing your strategy of gentleness and chair exercising until the muscle is healed.)
Also agreeing with Rob, about -
Keep on posting.
Thanks for the update, Cassie.
:iagree: Walking is really good for you. I find it like a meditation of sorts. :)
Starting weight :: 520
Current weight :: 505

Lost 3 pounds this week. Walking went well this week going to start walking 2 times a day this week maybe go up to 3 times in the next two weeks or so but not going to push myself. Need to listen to my body. Going to keep doing chair exercises the same thinking of starting to do those twice a day starting next month maybe. I keep working for small goals because if I keep thinking of how much I really need to lose then it will only discourage me. So the small goal is to get under 500 by October.
Hi, Cassie. Well done on the 3lb loss. Just taking small steps & small goals at a time is a good idea. Looking forward to following your progress :)
Lost 3 pounds this week... So the small goal is to get under 500 by October.
Congratulations on the 3 lbs, that's great! And I wouldn't call 500 by October a small goal, it seems pretty significant to me.

Good to hear from you, just yesterday I was thinking about you and wondering how things were going. Always good to see your posts.
Starting weight :: 520
Current Weight :: 502 - 3lbs lost this week

Been a hectic weekend/week so far finally weighed myself this morning down and was happy to see it went down some so not going to complain not matter how much weight I lose. We are starting to do our full exercise in the morning and half of it before dinner. I'm still walking my 5 laps before we exercise starting to feel good now noticing pants are a little loose which is only keeping the motivation going. Here I come 400's.
Oh, this is great! Your goal of getting into the 400s by October is looking so achievable right now. :) Really looking forward to the celebration party!
(And the trousers starting to feel loose is cheerful news, too! A new pair when you hit the 400s?)
Down 17 lbs (if I count it right) since you started here! That is great! You'll be in the 400s before your know it.

You must be feeling good, you should be!

Keep up the good work.
Hey Cassie, how are you doing?

I hope all is well with you, check in and let us know.
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