Body Building FAQ

Im not an expert on Body Building, but I hope this thread will be like the one I created in Weight Loss.

Go for it guys, post some tips please :).
Q, how many sit ups do I need to do to get a 6pack?

A, Ahh, I hate this question.
You gotta get rid of all your belly fat first, then you'll see your 6pack.

Good idea Aevens
Q, I weight train everyday but I dont seem to be getting any bigger. Whats wrong.

A, 1st, when ppl ask this they are not being specific so its impossible to answer.
1, are you getting enough sleep?
2, are you eating right?
3, you shouldn't be training every day. Get a good workout program!
4, Your workouts may be too long, or you may have to wrong combination of excersises.

Nobody minds getting asked questions, as long as there not stupid questions. Do a bit of research and ask us what you need to know. Like whats wrong with this diet or program (and post it).

Can we get a sticky on this topic?????
Q. I wanna get cut. I'm thinking of doing a highrep workout to tone my muscles. How many reps should I do?
A. High reps fill the muscle with a fluid which makes them feels tight but quickly deflates. In order to make a muscle permanently more tone you need to employ high tension techniques. This means lifting very heavy weight for reps of 3-5. Doing this almost daily for 1 or 2 sets. Also, why not use the isometrics. They trigger far more tension than you could ever lift and the longer you hold it the more tension is placed on your muscle.

Q. I'm thinking of Bulking, here is my routine. Monday chest:bench, dumbell flies, cable cross over, incline bench, decline bench....etc etc etc
A. I don't think anyone on this board is close to requiring a bodybuilding workout and needs to do specific isolation exercises, whether bulking or cutting. However, if you want to get bigger I suggest you find a few lifts which cover most your body. Squat, Deadlift, Bench should do it. Hit each Squat Monday, Bench wed, and DL friday. Go for sets of 5 reps and try to get 10-20 sets. Use techniques such as the 50% 75% 90% or Delhorme method. This means you do a set at 50% your 5 rep max, then a set at 75% your 5 rep max then 90% your 5 rep max. Be prepared to do this for about 20 sets. So **** off with your isolation exercises, it works for Arnold, but your no arnold.

Q. I wanna get bigger but don't have weights. What do I do?
A. Ladders! Ladder out clap push ups, tactical chin ups and the hindu squat (where you fall backwards onto your back). This means that on monday, you do claps, tues is tacticals, wed is squats, thurs is claps, friday is tactical, sat is squats. To do a ladder you follow this pattern. Your max amount of chin ups is 10. 1 chin up, rest, 2 chin ups, rest (ten seconds), 3 chin ups, rest, 4, rest, 5, rest, 6 rest for a minute, start all over, 1 rest, 2 rest, 3, rest, 4 rest, 5 rest, and now u cant do 6 so u start over. 1 rest, 2 rest, 3 rest and so on and so on. this is the only way you can gain signifcant size without weights or resistence other than your own body.

Q whats the perfect set up for a weekly schedule?
A. Bench monday, squats tuesday, shoulders wed, deadlift thurs, arms and abs friday (notice how the arms get their own day) If you arent going to give arms their own day then do bench press and biceps on one day and deadlift and triceps on another. This way bi's and tri's get their own workout whn they arent already fatiqued.

Q. I want a six pack?
A. First you do need to cut down the fat on your stomache. But you also need to use a high tension technique. Research: jackknife sit up, russian twist, ab pull over (these should be done with a HEAVY WEIGHT, not a dinky 2 lb barbie colored dumbell). Do them 3 times a week for about 3-5 sets of 5.

Q. I don't care about my legs?
A Theres a question mark at the end of this STATEMENT because this clown is obviously clue less. First off, stop being such a whiny premadanna and work your legs because people at the beach who know what they're looking at won't be impressed with arnold on tooth pics. Second, squats and deadlift (DL is the mother of all hamstring and glute exercises not to mention on of the top 2 back exercises) are HUGE compound movements which release more testosterone than Ron Jeromy.

Q. What exercises should I be using?
A. Nothing with a machine, cable or smith rack. Bench, Deadlift, Squat, Close Grip Bench, Wide Grip bench (builds you biceps like you won't believe), russian twist, jacknife push up, ab pull over, Saxon side Bend, tactical chinup, E-z bar Curl. Sometimes you can't squat cuz you got a bad back, then use something like a trap bar for your legs. Stick with free weights...heavy free weights.
6pack - more info

To get a 6pack you gotta get your body fat % down which means more cardio and less cals.
Its not just about what you can see in the mirror - you also want you back and sides to look good.
Make sure you work your back (spine erectors) and sides (obloquies) that same as your abs - otherwise you'll develop a muscle imbalance, causing you to hunch and get back problems.

If your doing 100 sit ups every night, then your most likely doing them wrong.
try for 20 at the most, and do 5sets. When you can do more than 20, make it harder by adding weight, holding your arms higher above your head, having your legs out in front or not resting your feet under something.

If you can get hold of equipment, buy a swiss ball, a medicine ball or light dumbbells. Though you can use paint tins, bottles full of water, sand, stones, foot stalls, tools or tool boxes!!!!
You'll find how to use them on the internet, or if you want more detail make a topic. But please be specific, dont just ask how to get a 6pack cos I’ve just told you.

Beginner to novice ab workout
3times a week.

warm up 5-10mins

Chest raise -2sets of 15reps
Twisting chest raise - 2sets of 15 reps

Dumbbell seesaw - 2x15each side
Oblique crunch (swiss ball) 2x15

Hanging leg raise – 2x15
Swiss ball crunch – 2x15
Medicine ball twists. – 2x15

If you can do more than 15 try making it harder
If you can’t do 15 but more than 5, just keep at it and slowly build up.
If you can do 5, then try and find at least one exercise from each group that you can do, and build up.

Chest raise – lay prone (facing down) feet under a weight or door, lift your chest off the floor. To make it harder, put your arms out in front of you.

Twisting chest raise – same as above but imagine you are trying to elbow somebody sitting on your back

Dumbbell seesaw – stand up, take a moderately heavy dumbbell in one hand. Keeping your hips and legs still, lean to the side of the dumbbell, lowering it as far as it comfortable, slowly change direction and raise your self up, stop before you are fully upright. This must be slow and controlled to prevent injury.

Oblique Crunch – you will be laying on your side with a swiss ball under your hips allowing you to move your torso up and down independently from your hips. You will need to have you feet against a wall. Cross your arms over your chest or above your head and drop your shoulders down until they are just past parallel with the floor, lift up until your torso in up in the air. This is one rep. If that’s too hard, you can plank on one side, putting your feet on the swiss ball and one elbow on the floor, then simply dip your hips to the floor and then up as far as they will go.

Hanging Leg Raises – hanging from a bar in a pull up position simply lift your knees up to your chest (or as high as you can) and release down, but not till they are straight, keep the tension on.

Swiss ball crunch – sit on your swiss ball so you can hang over the back of it. You may need to press your feet against the floor and wall. Do your crunch as normal but don’t go up 45degrees. Alternatively you can lay on the floor with your feet on the ball land crunch up the short way.

Medicine ball twists – Sit with your legs out in front of you slightly bent. Lean back until your at a 45degree angle, lift the ball (or whatever weight you want – suggest under 5lbs to start) up in the air in a really high arch that travels from you hip, over your head and to the other hip. To make it harder lift your feet off the ground.

Hope that helped!!!!!!!!

Please do not respond in this thread, it is for info only not questions.
Any questions start a new thread or PM someone.
My Right biceps are bigger than my left. What can I do?

If you biceps are naturaly uneven, then working your biceps evenly over time with sort them out.

If they are growing unevenly because of working out them its your technique. You may be unbalenced, be leaning to one side or have your hand in the wrong place. using a bar or bicep machine can cause your stronger arm to take the weight, thus your work it harder.

If you have one weaker arm, improve your technique (ask gym staff, or members, or start a topic for specific questions)
If your technique is good then you'll have the same amount of resistance on both biceps. This means your weaker bicep will be worked harder.

A good way to make sure your stronger arm isn't taking the weight is to use dumbbells.

Bad muscle symmetry is rarely due to weightlifting and most problems with sort them selfs out in time.
7day cutting workout plan

this is what I followed during my cutting phase last year and it worked really well. Remember that from a bodybuilding point of veiw, your not gonna build much muscle (prob lose some) during your cutting phase.

Any one looking to primarily drop off the fat ready to build muscle is well suited to this program.

20mins CV everyday, change from skipping, running, running up the stairs, boxing, burpies (press up, then stand up, jump up in the air, then press up etc) or even jumping round the garden any thing that will exhaust you quickly. it may seem like a lot, working out every day, however your only doing high intensity CV for 20mins, even if your unfit withing 30mins you'll feel very refreshed, not liek when you run for over an hour.

then for your weights.

monday - 5min warm up - chest, biceps
tues - warm up - core (abs, obliques, lower back)
wed - warm up - traps, shoulders, triceps (i.e. shrugs, rows, shoulder press)
fri - warm up - lats, core, biceps and triceps

for abs I use the workout I posted 2 posts up from this one.
chest - incline, decline, cable flye
biceps - bar bell curl, reverse ez bar curl, single cable curl
traps - bent over row, supported single arm row, front shrugs, rear shrugs
traps/shoulders, up right row, wide and close grip
shoulders - military press, seated barbell press
triceps - dipps, cable push downs or close hand bench press.
lats - weighted chins wide grip, weighted chins para grip

notes - the weekend is none-invasive, so if your tired or have plans you can miss out your CV and you'll be rested for monday.
Im not working shoulders with chest, this is because I enjoy working them with traps.
arms and core are worked twice in the week, mainly because I personally loose size in my arms 1st. if you have another part your would rather work you can change it around.
I dont work on my legs when cutting, this is beause I cannot personally run the day after a leg workout. but there is room if you want to. I cut for 2months and found no change in size for my legs.
Write me a program

Many noobies ask us to write them programs when are plenty of programs about already.

If your just starting out its best to buy a book, Something simple like Muscle buy Ian king. There are less expensive options also, if you want to build muscle and loose fat then buy mens health magazine, If you mainly want to build muscle then try Muscle and Fitness.

Now... These publications are frowned upon by pros as they are not always the best they can be and are not scientificaly sound. However if your new to the game then they are a perfect, cheap way to get you started.

So, before you ask us to write you programs, pick up a magazine and try one out. We would much rather be asked to alter a workoot for you than write one from scratch.
Q: My belly sticks out. How can I keep it tighter?
A: Work your transverse abdominis along with the rest of your core via vacuums and two-point bridges!

The T.A. is the most overlooked muscle in the core, because it is buried and won't show. But, it is essential for hold your gut in. Work it and your core strength will improve quicker and easier.
many people are still not trying out HIIT.

High Intensity Interval Training is a great way to lose weight. The way it works is as follows...
HIIT allows you to work for a short time every day at a higher level of intensity, so instead of jogging for 30mins twice a week you are sprinting for 15mins every day.

The reason you can do this every day is that your not gonna completely drain yourself of energy and be tired afterwards, if you follow my begginners program in total you'll be sprinting for 2mins, running for 7mins and walk the rest. you will be burning many many cals over the week, be because its spread out so you wont get tired.

30mins jogging twice per week = 60min a week of medium intensity
15mins HIIT per day = 105min a week of high intensity

you can see that you'll be burning of 4-6times as many cals a week with HIIT.
here is my post from the weight loss FAQ to give you some ideas of programs.
excuse me

is it ok if i use anabolic steroids for a month? inject it for twice a week.. and after that ill stop using it.. will the side effects take place? even if i use it for only a month? take vitamins and stop drinking alcohol drinks.? will the side effects take place? i've been working out for 3 months now.. my weight is 120 lbs .. i stand 5'6.. tnx a lot for the information in advance. i am expecting that someone would answer my question. :)
Don't be a fool. Be natural. Put in the hard work, time, and dedication that is required to build a good body. Aside from the risks, why would you want to find the easy way out of it!

Bodybuilding is a lifelong commitment if you want to do it not only for the aesthetics, but also, and more importantly, your health. I think if you are only hear for your aesthetics, then you are in the wrong place.
is it ok if i use anabolic steroids for a month? inject it for twice a week.. and after that ill stop using it.

One problem with this idea is that with anabolic steroids is that once you stop taking them any gains they helped you make will slowly go away regardless how hard you train trying to keep those gains. Another problem is as you gain you will likely want even more gains so you keep taking them and probably increase the dose. By the time you get away from the drugs the damage is done.

Steroids have their place - Let a real doctor decide for those who need them to offset the effects of something like cancer treatment. Self medicating with steroids will probably only lead to disaster. Some of us were never ment to be "buff". Don't try to change that with drugs.
Please don't post asking questions in this thread. Keep it strictly info... if you have a question make a new thread

Manofkent, you posted to do HIIT every day... however I read that you are supposed to do HIIT only 2-3 times per week or you will overtrain because it is so stressful on your body.

"If you can do HIIT more than three times a week (which you should not) and you are not already a conditioned athlete, you are probably not doing HIIT."

From the HIIT: Misconceptions and What You Need to Know thread.
If you want to get rid of those belly fats and attain the body you dream to have. THere are available supplements that might help. Of course you have to do it with proper diet and exercise. Discipline is important.
If you want to get rid of those belly fats and attain the body you dream to have. THere are available supplements that might help. Of course you have to do it with proper diet and exercise. Discipline is important.
Discipline is important factor indeed.We have to restrict for few food to maintain our fitness and body during bodybuilding time.Even you have to choose a proper supplementary to make your fitness long live.
If you want to get rid of those belly fats and attain the body you dream to have. THere are available supplements that might help. Of course you have to do it with proper diet and exercise. Discipline is important.

Could you specify the supplements that will help? From what I've heard, Clenbuterol is one of the best, but I don't know how to buy the real one from legit manufacturer. Lots of supplements I see online have the name "Clen" but have nothing to do with the real Clenbuterol.
Here I the diet part.
Eat protein with each meal like red meat, eggs, etc; eat fruits and vegetables; drink lots of water; eat HEALTHY fats; eat carb after work out. I hope this helps in some way!
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