BEST workouts for PARTICULAR mucle groups

Hey, wuts the latest up to date workout for particular muscles groups? Like...what should I do for my abs? What should I do for my biceps...what about my chest?
truth is exercises dont really change over time, just th eway you do them, i.e. gadgets and gizmos!

Any exercise that contracts the given muscle is good for that muscle, i.e. bicep curl for bicep, crunch for abs. Certain exercises give a higher intensity workout or are betetr for different areas of the smae muscle though.

for example a bicep curl with your wrists bent back takes the forearm flexors out of play and thus puts more load on the biceps.
4 your abs u could try '6 second abs', not bad pricing but are great for the abs and you can really feel and see the difference
Quads - Squats
Hammies - Deads
Back - Pull ups and Rows
Chest - Bench Press
Biceps - Chin ups
Triceps - Dips
Shoulders - Military Press
Calves - Squats
Forearms - Deadlifts