Best exercise DVD's for the very overweight?

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Can anyone recommend exercise dvd's for those who have a lot to lose? I find that I simply can't keep up or can't do the exercises on some of the dvds. I am a working single mum so find it hard to find time to get to the gym, so dvd's seemed to be a good idea. I do enjoy zumba but find myself just making it up as I go along because I can't keep up. I weigh 300lbs and wondered if there was a dvd that might take that into account.

I just bought the 5 Steps by Clare from Steps (the group)

I weigh 240 and found the same problem as you

This DVD is very good for likes of us, the unfit and overweight

I dont keep up with all of it and you can tailor your workout at the start. I just do the warm up cardio and cool down

but will build up over time

It sells for 19.99 but I got it on ebay for 2.99 or 2.75 with free shipping

I did wonder what I would get for my money but it was a genuine sealed DVD with the disk inside. Works perfect =)

Good Luck !
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