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Hello everyone, myself Saliyal. Here to lose weight and give you tips and advice.

I lose 100 pounds in the last 2 months, I want to help people like me who are suffering from anxiety of their health. With that said, let's go.


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Hi, Saliyal & welcome to the forum. 100 lbs in 2 months seems extreme. Over 1.5 lbs per day? What are you eating?


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Maybe it´s a typo? Even contestants on extreme tv shows don´t lose that much weight that quickly*, unless they started at 600 lbs and were holding a lot of water weight. That could be what Saliyal is dealing with. In that case: welcome to the forum and congratulations to a great start to your weightloss journey. The rest won´t be as quick but I´m sure you´re starting to feel the benefits.

(*In order to lose a pound and a half a day you need to burn over 5000 kcal more than you eat. Adult men generally burn about 2500 kcal/day. Of course if you were 100 lbs overweight you´d be burning a little more than that but not THAT much so indulge me for a minute. Most people, especially when they start out overweight, won´t be able to burn more than around 500 kcal an hour for longer periods of time. So in order to lose a pound and a half a day your average man would have to eat nothing at all and on top of that do 5 hours of relatively intense cardio (not just walking: continuous running). I don´t see people doing that for two months straight.)