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Ok, so basically, I've decided to get myself a bike to help me get some excersize. BUT I'm a bit scared it won't hold my wait and like.. break beneath me or something! I'm 249lb and I'm not made of money!! lol So has anyone got any ideas of anywhere in UK that sells strong bikes for people of my size??? I've looked online but all I can find is American ones or stuff that's £1000+. I may be able to stretch to £300 but need it as cheep as possible really. Any ideas would be much appretiated!!!

Thank youu!!

My bad

Bikes are built with strength, and you should be ok. I would go to a bike specialist shop, not Evans or Halfords.Do an internet search for specialists bike shops and you will find one. It may be worth while starting with a mountain bike, but a specialist shop will advise you.
i have the same problem only i am alot heavier than you. and i really need exercise equipment at home and cant find any cheap ones near my size capability its so annoying.
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