Wordle and/or other word games.

Wordle 1,014 5/6


On some level I hoped I'd fail today so I'd break my streak and not feel pressure to play every single day so I'm guessing this won't last much longer.
ah yes i remember finally forcing myself to skip a day of wordle because it had become something I 'had' to do. I was a little sad the next day when I had seen I had broken my streak (I didn't know if it would or not) but I am so glad I finally broke it. Nowadays I rarely do wordle--just if i feel like it.
You have gotten me onto that new game of Strands--I like it!
I forgot to post yesterday but had a 4. (I compare results with a golfing friend.)
Wordle 1,016 4/6
Wordle 1,017 4/6


Wordle 04.01.24.jpg

horrible rebuses .... i got the first one just by luck. was that supposed to be lettuce? is celery a slang for some sort of money? i suppose the pink thing was supposed to be a brain. why wasn't it at least gray? and that is a locomotive or engine, a train is a locomotive with some cars. letter homophones? i suppose the sheep can also be a ewe... bee is easy as is eye, but i would have never even considered a teapot is just tea... why not at least a cup of tea with a bag tag hanging over the lip. ... ridiculous/ poor art work.

Connections 04.01.24.jpg
Live brains are pinkish. I assume people think about them as gray because we used to display them preserved in alcohol. I'm not here to play pictogram games though so I skipped Connections today.
I forgot to post here again yesterday but had a 5. Like you, LLama I took one look at connections & said no.
Wordle 1,018 4/6
🟩🟨⬜🟨🟨 <Made a mistake
Wordle won't show me my stats anymore without registering so I guess the streak is no more. Got it in 4 though.
Wordle 1,021 3/6
Another 3- Yay!
ROIST(sometimes I wonder where these words come from, deep within my brain!)
WRIST (I nearly put grist)
back to back sixes...

Wordle 1,023 6/6


Wordle 04.07.24.jpg

interesting... yesterday it was HORSE ________ ,
today it was ________ HORSE.

Connections 04.07.24.jpg

Puzzle #301
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Back to back 5s! Ugh!
Wordle 1,024 5/6