Weight loss

I'm looking for an exercise method to lose weight
Any combination of diet and exercise that results in more calories burned than eaten will work. Tell us more about yourself and your goals and we can make some more specific suggestions.

This is copied from a post by @Trusylver it would be a good start:

First time members looking for help often do not provide enough information in their post for others to provide meaningful help.

List of information that will help other members help you.

Any medical conditions which may have an impact on weight loss or ability to exercise. Usually medical conditions will be best sorted out by seeing your medical practitioner.

Age and sex
Weight (be sure to mention whether it is in lb or kg)
Height (for BMI calculation)
Bodyfat % (a better guide to obesity levels and calculating nutrition information if available)

What your current diet looks like (food, calories and macro information if possible)

Current exercise (type, frequency, duration)