Weigh Yourself Everyday Club


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This is a club for those that want to face the facts & weigh them selfs everyday. For myself I know when I weighed 160 Lbs. many many years ago if I weighed myself everyday I would not of wound up weighing 309 Lbs. I think that is the way with a lot of us. So just post your weight everyday. I think if we do this we will eventually get sick & tired & start losing weight.

Todays weight - 249.50
I am in. I agree 100% with you on this. I weigh myself everyday too. Many people are against it but it helps me keep in check the whole day. I also have a calendar on my fridge where I write my wt everyday so I can see my progress or see how long have i stayed at the same wt and then kick up my excercise or change my diet accordingly.

Just got off the scale and I weigh 138.
I'm in. I may not post on the weekends (sometimes I wander away from the computer for a couple of days) but I do weigh myself everyday and will post the results. I'm already plotting everything in a spreadsheet, trendlines and all.

Today: 166.2 Boo!

That is an awesome idea. I can really see something like this working for me. Thank you for the awesome idea, I'm going to try it right away. I find that weighing daily calms my nerves and helps keep me on top of all aspects of my day. Ah, I am really excited about the spreadsheet idea!

Current weight: 136 lbs
Well I gained 2.75 Lbs. today. For you that don't weigh everyday, you need to know your weight will fluctuate. Do not be alarmed when you have a weight gain. Now yesterday I did not eat incredible I'd say 3,000 calories. To gain 2.75 Lbs. :mad:. I would have to eat 9,625 calories.

billybob235, I will have to try that averageing.

Todays weight - 252.25 Lbs.
Yesterdays weight - 249.50 Lbs.

Weight gain - 2.75 Lbs.
168.5 this morning---and I'm completely satisfied. Can you believe I'm happy that it's more than 166? I know it sounds crazy but at least the freakin' number changed. I was getting so pissed off just seeing it bounce back between 166 and 167 for 3 darn weeks.

So far this morning I've had 1 1/2 donuts and about 18 hershey kisses---can you tell I'm mad that 'eating well' didn't produce any results? I'm going for the shock approach I guess....eat what I want for a couple days and then get back my motivation to watch the scale just sit there.
Generally, I don't fluctuate. It does happen, but it's rare. I'm usually either the same, or an ounce or two less everyday. (So far, cross my fingers!) I like knowing where I'm at, and seeing it go down, even by .2, keeps me motivated.