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Current problems-
The worst one is the *Flashing icon.*
Can't just highlight part of a post to quote it. Now you have to click on the whole post & delete everything that you don't want.
Can only "like" a post. All other reactions have disappeared.
People who used to get email notifications of threads they were following no longer get them.
There is no contact button on the forum & it is hard to make contact with anyone in admin. We need a "contact us" link.
I just got an email back from the 3rd email address I tried-
Hello Cate,

Thank you very much for your email. We will fix the flashing icon beginning this week. This happened because we moved to another server and something with the settings for the consent manager went wrong. But no worries, the site is safe.
That's a very good start!
Thank you for your tenacity, Cate. I wonder why they're even keeping the site up when it isn't getting a lot of traffic and they obviously don't care.
Thanks, Llama. I think that's my strongest character trait. Some would say pig-headed but I say determined.
I think they know how important it is to us anyway.
I hope so. I've been coming here almost every day and often several times a day for 9 years, I think. It would be such a shock if this place disappeared.
It's so weird that only the English-speaking forum is flashing though. I'd think if they moved us they'd move the whole thing.
I think it’s fixed! It has gone from my phone :party:
Edit: & from my laptop.
Now I hope they look at the rest.
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Yay, it's gone!