How I Lose Weight Within 1-2 Months Without Any Problems


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Hi, I would like to share my weight loss story with all of you guys, it might inspire some people to lose weight.
I started weight training at the start but due to work and office, I wasn't able to continue it so I discontinued it. But just after discontinue I put on like 75-80lbs of weight and everyone used to stare at me, made a joke on me, used to tease me because of my obesity. So finally I decided to do something else other than weight training, I changed my diet using some products to kill my food cravings and trust me it helped a lot. When I found out that my food cravings are no more, and I have automatically put on a diet because of no food cravings.
I started to see some changes in the body and just in 1-2 months, I got back in shape. Now I feel amazing and nobody teases me anymore and ask my secret, how I lost so much weight so quickly?
I am happy now, my health is very good and can do any work I want because of my fitness. Now I don't want to write too much here because it might bore you.

Thank you for reading my story. Let's pray for a healthy world.


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Hi, Kumar & welcome to the forum. Well done on switching your life around.
I had a very similar experience as to you. I was exercising around an hour every day then due to some medical issues had to stop. I immediately started putting on weight. My doctor recommended I change my diet. Instead of following every fad diet out there I went with the diet recommended to me based on my goals and preferences by (spam link removed)
that was included in their nutrition and weight management course. It helped me maintain the weight I had lost. However, I do still get cravings here and then but I've been good about not giving in to them. How do you control your cravings?
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Hey Kumar, Good to hear about your weight journey and how you're back to shape. Keep it up