disastrous overcoming


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I recently talked about what I was like, I don't know if anyone looked at my profile.
Today I have a great esteem, but in Conpesaçõa I became addicted to watching videos and the desire to share with everyone is very addictive for 48 hours now watching video is a strange addiction I know but it all started after I managed to reach my ideal weight for me , I don't know if I will have advice about it here, but it was the closest I got to my problem and solution. A forum.
Video that I got addicted.
There have definitely been times looking for motivational videos turned into a bit of a compulsion for me. It always passes though. If it's something that impacts your life in negative way and you don't know how to change it maybe you should talk to a therapist?
Só de saber que não sou o único, tenho certeza de que estou no caminho certo, só tenho que agradecer.
"I know that I am not unique, I am certain that this is not true, I just have to be thankful."
Hi, Geraldo. I think seeing a psychologist about your addiction to videos would be a good idea if that is possible. Well done on losing your excess weight.