A commonly used spice all throughout the world. Ginger known as a root, originated in China, and spread to India, Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean. Ginger is used in a variety of ways for cooking.

Common Uses

It is used as a flavoring for candy, cookies, cake, as well as coffee and tea. It is also the main ingredient in the common beverage ginger ale. In Asia, ginger is used as a spice in tofu or noodles, as well as for sugars in tea. In North America ginger can be used for sweet recipes such as ginger snaps, gingerbread, or ginger cake.

Great for your Health!

In the medical field, ginger has been proven to help with motion sickness, and nausea, as well as morning sickness for pregnant women. Ginger ale has also been known to help ease stomach aches.


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