Here you can test your overall fitness. The test takes about 5 minutes and gives a detailed outlook of your current level of fitness and health.


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Step 1- Personal Info

(In years)

Measure for 10s and then multiply by 6

Your resting pulse is best measured in the morning immediately after waking or after prolonged sitting. To do this, place your middle finger on the pulse of your neck or hand artery. Count 10 seconds and the number of pulse beats and multiply this figure by 6 to obtain the total number of heart beats per minute

(optional) Use a flexible, but not elastic tape measure (usually cloth). Place the tape on the skin surface without compressing the skin, measure your waist and hip circumference and enter the values below.


Stand with arms at the sides, feet together, and abdomen relaxed. The measurement is taken horizontally at the narrowest part of the torso (above the belly button and below the xiphoid process). ACSM definition


Stand up straight with your feet together. The measurement is taken horizontally at the maximal circumference of buttocks. ACSM definition



Fitness Survey

Fit-O-Meter - Step 1 -
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