Fit Tips




Restaurant and packaged items tend to have larger portions that generally contain more calories, sodium and fat than home-cooked meals. By cooking your own meals you can control both what's in the meal and the portion size.

Having trouble sticking with your cardio routine? Pick an activity you enjoy doing. Playing basketball or swimming at increased intensity a couple times a week is just as beneficial as going for a jog.

When it comes to weightlifting and bodybuilding, keep in mind that the quality of the workout is much more important than the quantity of the workout. Be sure to concentrate on form and intensity, rather than how long you're at the gym.

When lifting weights remember that lowering the weights in a slow and controlled manner is just as important as the upward motion.

Your body is constantly adapting to your workout. Because of this, if you are doing the same amount of cardio at the same speed for more than a couple weeks your body will no longer burn the same amount of calories. To burn the most calories, continuously vary the speed and intensity of your cardio workout.

Drinking water is not only important to stay healthy but also important if you're trying to lose weight. Dehydration can slow your metabolism causing you to burn about 45 calories less everyday.

If you're feeling wiped out in the late afternoon, rather than grab a cup of coffee, have a cup of yogurt. The protein, carbohydrates, fat and vital nutrients in a serving of yogurt will leave you feeling revitalized in a way that coffee can't.

While going for a walk, try tuning into an audio book rather than listening to music. Especially if it's a suspenseful story you might catch yourself exercising longer and looking forward to your next walk, and the next chapter.

Frozen vegetables often have greater nutritional value than store bought fresh ones; food suppliers typically freeze veggies just a few hours after harvest, locking in nutrients.

Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Many of those that struggle with overeating at night are those who skip meals or don't eat balanced meals during the day.


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