2 Person Chest and Arm Stretch

This stretch is great for those individuals involved in team sports. It requires 2 persons, and helps stretch the chest and shoulder muscles.

2 Person Arm Stretch

This 2 person stretch helps to relieve tension in the arms. It is great to do for any team sports involving throwing.

2 Person Lower Back Stretch

This stretch focuses mainly on the lower back. It is done with 2 people and is great after any sport or workout.

2 Person Cross Legged Back Stretch

This exercise is great before playing a team sport. It requires 2 people and is a great stretch for the back.

2 Person Inner Thigh Stretch

This stretch is great if you are working out with another person, or stretching before a team sport. It requires two people, but helps to stretch out the inner thigh and also the back muscles.

Hip Flexor Stretch on Knees

This exercise is great after a warm up. It helps stretch the glutes and hamstrings of the front leg, and the hip flexors and quads of the back leg.