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I wrote a book about losing weight. I have some good systems and techniques to stay at a decent weight, but with regular lock-up training it becomes more difficult. He slipped more and more and lost more and more days of training. So, I'm here for some support and accountability that I know is important.

I eat a carnivorous / keto diet and have done this for over 2 years now. I ate garbage, as planned, for Christmas and on 19 days put 3 kilograms. I am back carnivore for 4/5 days now and have lost a kilo.

The problem is my wife is using my office now at home and not visiting the gym, and I have to train at home in the living room. If my daughter is out of school and my wife is bored she wants to use the living room and that makes it really hard to stay motivated to train. Also, when my wife was working in an office and my daughter was in school, I could go long walks along the beach. Now I can't because I feel guilty that I'm going alone and they don't want to, so I haven't walked much in the past nine months.

So, I wondered if this type of forum might help. Time will tell.

If anyone can advise me how to get the best use of this please help.

I added some of myself before and after with the latest one today.

The June 2018 photo was 9 months later with a slew of points, calories, and nutrient counts for everything I ate. It was hard work and I was hungry and angry a lot of the time. The November photo was after my mother's death. I allowed myself loads of comfort foods like rice cakes, peanut butter, and honey: - By February 2019 I had just started on the keto diet and was training again. The January 2021 photo is over two years with no carbs in my diet (except for a month at Christmas and I wasn't training hard at all.


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Welcome to the forum Abdo

Well done cleaning up your diet after xmas.

You should not feel guilty making time for yourself to get out and walk, your family needs you at your best and that won't happen if you do not make the time for yourself.


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Hi Abdo! Welcome!! I don't know how old your daughter is, but could you bring her to the beach and build sand castles or sand forts with her? I used to bring a big shovel to the beach and we'd make a huge fort and slide down into it, or make a trench so the tide would fill it, or just decorate it. If not, I agree with Tru - better to get your health where you are happy and healthy - I am a much better parent when I take good care of myself first! So sorry to hear about your mom. My mom passed in late October, so I know what you mean about comfort food. My advice is to look at diaries and find people who you have something in common with who check in here a lot, so you have regular support. I also find it good to try to support others even though I haven't mastered any of this yet - my weight loss is a work in progress, too. Anyway, hope you really benefit as much as I have from this community!!
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