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As a Mod I have noticed a few members from the now merged forum logging in and I would like to say Welcome.

The forums are under new management and have now been merged, as a Mod of both forums I and the other mods are working with the new management to make the merged forum work, so there will be changes happening for a while until it is all sorted, removing the remaining SPAM, dealing with duplicate content and sorting out some of the subs.
OK I have done a little bit of exploring after an interesting Spam report, it seems that the choice of language also changes the forum but with a combined pool of members, moderators and Spam reporting.

The French Forum is the same as this one which would explain the increase in French Language posts, so I would like to say

Bienvenue sur le forum, mon français n'est pas très bon.

The German and Spanish Forums are different but membership of one forum means we are also members of the others should you wish to post in them.