Reamining fit and healthy - what to do?


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I'm male, 20 years old and I haven't really regularly done any sort of sports for the last 5 years or so. But for the sake of having a healthy and fit body and especially because I want to remain quite fit when becoming older (prevent heart disease, back problems, ...) I want to start becoming active and doing sports.
I'm completely fine with "how I look" right now (my body/figure is pretty "normal") and I really don't care about having lots of muscles or something like that - I only want to be healthy (and I want to do about the minimum amount of work to achieve that as I'm quite lazy and I know I definitely wouldn't get myself to be doing more than the minimum ^^).
So I was thinking of going for a run 2 - 3 times a week and maybe doing some back exercises about once a week (maybe just push-ups).
But to be honest: I don't really know a lot about the whole fitness subject and that's why I wanted to ask what you think about my plan in general and maybe even some concrete advice for my workout plan or some specific exercises.
I know some helpful tips to keep fit staying healthy. Buy a fitness tracker. This small and not expensive device can inform you how much physical exercise you did per day. Doctors recommend passing 1000 steps every day to maintain health. In case you do not pass the necessary steps, you can increase the risks of excess weight and even some diseases.

Keep a faster pace, walk, or ride a bicycle instead of moving by car. It will be a good alternative to the gym, a way to relieve stress after work and the opportunity to get a portion of fresh air and vitamin D. Do not forget to move while you're sitting for hours doing your work in the office. Lots of people ignore this advice, getting spine diseases. You should take regular brakes to stay healthy.
Cycling is great, it gets you places and it is the best workout to keep your leg muscles evenly stretched and exercised. With most other ways of exercising there will be a disbalance in your muscles with causes problems later on. SO I would suggest doing what @featskills suggested, but using a bicycle to get to places and doing the rest of the work at home - squats, crunches, press ups etc. :)
knowing what i know now about nutrition... if i was 20 again i would do two things. limit any calorie intake to 12 hours (or less) a day & walk 2-3 miles a few times a week. of course i wasn't as lazy as you seem (no offense), and played tennis & soccer until i was in my 40's, rode my bike most places rather than drive and swam laps (or up and down the coastline) occasionally until i was in my late 50's, but in my 60's now, walking (and stretching) is enough. one thing in my favor... i was never much of a dessert eater, so i rarely have anything with an excess of sugar.... cakes, cookies, etc. if you are... you've got to cut that out or nothing will be an effective diet, especially when you hit 40.