New, struggling to lose weight through diet + excersize


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Hi everyone. Newbie here who's trying to lose the extra weight so she can tone down and fit back into a pair of size 12-14 pants. I'm 25 years old female, roughly 78kg, about 155cm tall, and have been trying to lose around 15-20kg for the past few years, and I can't seem to budge it.

Monday and Tuesday nights I do karate for 2 hours each night, and just about every other day I try to do either a 20-40 mins on a exercise bike, or a 40 min walk (on a weekend I've been able to sit on the bike for about 2 hours. I go for a sustained ride more then sudden bursts of speed). I've lowered my calorie intake and stopped eating chocolates and sweets, and do my best to stick to good food, fruits and vegetables, but I can't seem to budge the weight.

What I'll during the week (and times and workouts too)
breakfast 7:30am: 2 weetbix with milk
morning tea 10;30am a small container of fruit (mango, grapes, watermelon, rock melon, strawberry)
lunch, 2pm: Sometimes a sandwich (salami, aioli sauce, ham, cheese, onion), or a stir fry (beef and veggies), or a soup (with noodles and chicken, and other veggies)
dinner, around 8:30-9PM: monday/tuesdays is pork/beef with vegetables, Wednesdays would be my bad day and will include some Italian pasta (like spaghetti bolognaise) with two slices of home made garlic bread, thursday I have two sausages with a few potatoes ( baked with garlic), Friday has been baked fish with salad. Saturday I tend to have a homemade burger (with chips you can get at the frozen aisle in the supermarket), and Sunday it's just chicken, wedges and some cucumber/tomato/cheese.

A few things I will mention here, is that on weekends or days of work I love to have sushi. I love the heck out of sushi. and when I get it I usually have 8 octopus dumplings (takoyaki, they're little tiny balls), and about 12 pieces of the actual sushi with half of it being the salmon + rice combo and the other some sort of mix. I don't know much about the portion size because everyone says sushi is good for you, but then the rice may be throwing me off, I dunno. I also have a glass of milk before I go to bed.

One last thing to note is that I have trouble maintaining my iron levels, and I need to include more iron in my diet but I'm struggling to do so.

Should I be trying to exercise more and not worry about what I eat? Should I be eating more since my body might be going into starvation mode? is the food choices I'm making putting all my efforts to waste? I'm fully prepared to work out for hours, but I want to know what I should be doing food wise to help lose weight and give me the energy and iron I need.


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I would start a diary in the diary section and post this over there. Not many people frequent the newbie forum.


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Nice to see your diet program.I have one suggestion that better to eat less for dinner and more for breakfast.I think you are doing good exercises.


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You seem to be doing regular exercise and eating reasonably well, to remove the extra weight perhaps try approaching a personal trainer and a dietitian who can give appropriate advice to get past this hurdle.


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Hey welcome to the board and I'm also a newbie here myself. Anyway, from your descriptions you've written above, I think what you should question yourself is not just what you eat, and how much you do an exercise each and every day, but also how much you consume on a daily basis especially anything deals with carbohydrate and fat. In this case, I mean, the proportion which gives you adequate energy for your daily routines and simultaneously serve your weight loss goal. Since everyone is different in several aspects such age, gender, body type, daily routines, etc., we just have to figure out what kind of diet that most suits us.

Anyway, good luck for your weight loss journey! :)


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Hello and welcome from another newbie! That sounds like a lot of food, at least in variety. I would simply figure out exactly how many calories your consuming daily, and how much your actually burning, that in itself may be your answer to start losing fat. It's so easy to negate all the workouts you've done with one careless meal!



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Hello! I am another newbie!!! Welcome! I have been dealing with the same issues. I work out so much and track my food and nothing!!!! Anyways, I hope you have success and keep us informed of something that you found that works!