New Here and it's time for a consistent better me.


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Hello, Not sure how or where to start versus saying eliminate late night snacks. I'm a 49 year old Perimenopausal (shoot I may be in menopause now).
The bored snacking is the worse for me and that's where I need pointers. Looking forward to the teamwork.

I was always twiggy in high school and college. Now I'm at my heaviest at 166, not a good feeling.


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Welcome to the forum :)


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Welcome, Cradle. When you say bored snacking is it at specific times of day (like 4 pm you always get graze-y) or with specific "acitivies" (like watching tv)? I find that eating highly calorie-dense food outside of meals and the urge to do so are habit as much as anything else.


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Welcome Cradle!

What are your goals? Limiting snacking can be a good one.