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So I found a "10 minute workout" video while cruising around the web that I thought looked good but then it hit me; I have no idea how often to do something like that... I think it's SUPPOSED to be a per day thing, but I am in particularly bad shape. Full disclosure; I tried it, and got half way before I decided that the weakness in my muscles was probably a good sign to stop for the day. Afterwards I wondered if such routines should be started every two days if you are out of shape or diligently adhered to till you begin to get stronger.
Here's the video I found, can anyone let me know whether or not it should be attempted daily or every other day or even at all for a low fitness person?

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As a moderator I removed the video as new members cannot post links etc.

however as a coach I can safely say nobody should be doing that video, it was nothing but a progression of poor exercise choices done with bad form and a high risk of spinal injury accompanied with commentary that had no basis in facts.

can anyone let me know whether or not it should be attempted daily or every other day

Resistance training should not be done on back to back days unless you are targeting different muscles on each day. A full body training program 2-3 days per week is perfectly fine for general fitness. Cardio is a good option for days you are not doing resistance training but running is not a good option if you are substantially overweight. Walking, Swimming, Rowing Machine and Cycling are all good low impact cardio options.

You cannot train away a bad diet, training is good for your health but is not the answer for fat loss.