My Diary


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I'm back.
We're finally in our new house now and it's my 3rd night here. Still have a lot of things to do but I have time to focus on myself again.
I haven't been very good with my diet this past month, especially the last 2-3 weeks, but I am gonna try again.

I am at 77.3 KGS right now.

1st meal: Chicken + Carrot + Rice + Yogurt + Green Tea
2nd meal: Chicken + Carrot + Rice
Snack: A mortadella sandwich and an apple + Green Tea

I didn't keep track of my calories today, but I plan on doing that from now on.


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It's good to have the move done & dusted. It's also good to get straight back on track with your diet. Go, Missie :)


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Yes, it took us a while and then we had to get groceries which we did yesterday.

1st Meal: Chicken and cheese sandwich with pomegranate juice + Green Tea
Snack: Banana + Cucumber + Ice cream
2nd Meal: Chicken mince with potatoes and tortilla+ Yogurt + Green Tea


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BF: berry yogurt
Lunch: chicken chow mein + green tea
Dinner: Chicken tikka with tortill + yogurt + green tea
Snack: mixed nuts


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Yes portion sizes, I'm gonna try harder from today. I was depressed for not controlling myself and ate out of boredom


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Maybe having a high-volume, low-calorie addition to meals to make you fuller without feeling guilty (veggie soup, salad) would be helpful?


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I'll try
Bf: yogurt and green tea
Lunch: chicken macaroni with broccoli and green tea
Dinner: chicken with salad and green tea