Miko134 Journal of Persistence.


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Hey there, I'm a 5ft nothing female who weights just under 8 stone, and have recently come to realise that I'm super weak and want to do something about this. Exercise videos and fitness videos really don't work for me, as I have the stamina and attention span of a gnat. So I'm going to have a couple of weeks just doing basic things to see if anything improves, before trying a step-by-step routine. I also want to document other stuff to make it a bit more personal and less boring. So here's how today has gone so far.

I woke up and had beans on toast for breakfast with no butter, put a bit of protein powder into my coffee. I did some basic exercises - push ups but on my knees because I can't do a single real push up, bridges, lunges and planked for about 20 seconds. Then I went for a long walk along the river, saw a moorhen couple with their nest. I decided to look up facts on moorhens and found out that they are really feminist birds, with the male doing most of the egg sitting while his Mrs defends the territory. Got back and sat in the sun for a while, then had a tuna and tomato sandwich and cereal bar, and lifted my dumbells (5k, I know it's not much) Going to do some more exercises before bed.

Also going cycling this weekend so I'm excited for that :)