Leg Muscle "Dent"??


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omg!! leaning!!

Ok so I pretty much just registered so I could post on here about this. I too googled 'leg dent' and got this forum, and I've finally figured it out!
I just moved into Halls of Residence at university. I've been using the free gym and running a lot, and I was quite happy with myself, until I noticed these two horizontal dents in the fronts of both thighs and the exact same spot on both legs. I figured it was a muscle forming funny because I was running, but I was confused because I used to run a lot and never had it before. It started to get worse though, and I got really self conscious. You can even see it through pants! So I tried to stop running for a month and nothing changed.
Long story short, I read that someone said they got their dents from leaning on something all the time. Well guess what, the vanity in my new room has a low shelf which lines up PERFECTLY with both dents, and I'm always leaning on there like an hour a day drying my hair and doing my makeup! how strange is it that you can alter your physique from leaning on something? I'm now convinced that's what it is because it makes so much sense. I will stop leaning on it and update in a month. My advice is also to look around and see if anything fits in your dent!! Trust me, mine are huge and deep I never would have guessed

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new to this site- and yes I too have dents

I had to join just to try and figure this out. I developed a dent on each thigh a few months ago. I have recently been trying to lose weight. I have never been a runner but for the past few months I have been running and that is when I noticed the dents. Also I noticed that my fat seems to be changing and distributing itself differently than when I was younger. I am 35 and now am at 150 pounds, I wear a size 8 so I am not a huge person but my thighs are terrible looking the older I get. I couldn't see cellulite before but now I can. I did the desk/table test and not only do my dents match perfectly to my desk which I do lean up against for some periods of time but since I gained weight and my pants are a little tight, my pants crease right where the dents are when I sit at my computer which I have been doing a lot of. I dont know if all this is the reason for the dents but i think we can figure this out. Also recently I have been taking vitamins C,E,D,Lysine, Folic acid, calcium-Mg-Zn, Fish oil everyday-which I didnt do before. Does anyone else have bakers cysts, bulge on the backside of the knee?:sport:


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I have a left upper thigh leg dent. It is just horrible looking. I worked out pretty regularly for years and then started night school, so the working out had to go. I still try to do squats and lunges when I can. I have had my leg dent for a little over a year. My right leg is fine. It actually appears like my muscle has fallen or something like that. I am hoping that it will just go away like someone mentioned. I will also check the leaning up against something and see if there is something there. I am about 5' 6" and weight 120, which is the most I have weighed other than at delivery of my 4 kids. My top weight was 150 at delivery so I have never been extremely over weight or anything. It is just plain strange and I hope it will go away. I took my 10 year old to a baseball game tonight and the dent is aching. The aching only seems to happen during weather changes. I have not noticed any change in the dent, it is just there and ugly.

If anyone every gets a good answer about this it would be awesome! I was thinking maybe a doctor could go in and re-connect my muscle the way it is supposed to look.


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I like how all these "I have a dent" posts are people with 1 post. Funny how nobody else who have been here a bit have it happen to them.

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thigh dent

I found this forum because I too have a dent in my right thigh.It appeared a couple of months ago and has me very puzzled.I'm 59 years old,110 pounds and work out at home.I take good care of myself.This is probably more common than we think ,people just don't talk about it.Are our muscles just plain tired?
they could all be one person messing with us.
But unless someone actually posts any pics, we have no way of figuring this out. So if you're worried about it, go see the doc.. and for the love of god, post some damn pics.. I wanna see what all the fuzz is about.


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Hi there
I have been searching the internet to find a reason for the dent that has appeared on my right leg, its a horizontal dent which is very visible. The dent is on my right thigh, i really want to find out what this is. I have recently lost 18lbs due to taking reductil (weight loss pills). Could anyone tell me if they know wether this could be the cause???

Thank you.

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Split muscle?

Hey. I believe I also have the same case as you. It's not like what many people have said about a "dent" that they have that seems as if it was a result from an impression of leaning against something. This is more like a muscle being split on my left thigh. It's extremely uncomfortable at times, with numbness on the area and tingling sensation, which then causes minor itchiness. And, like you, I've never injured myself. I'm 19 and normal weight and moderately active. And I remember noticing it when I was around 10 years old. Well, I've attached some photos to show my case and, hopefully, if anyone knows the answer or an explanation please let me know. Much appreciation if you can take your time to see my case. Thanks. :)

Note: Photo 1 shows the thinness of the skin on the affected area.
Photo 2 shows what happens when I fold my legs backward. Notice my right thigh is different because, unlike the left thigh, it's not splitted.
Photo 3 shows how the leg looks like when I stand straight.


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Same thing I think

I've posted some pictures of my own leg dent problem left leg has dent, right leg doesnt. Currently 21, 5'8", 165 lbs (I'm usually 155 but am currently 3 months pregnant, it hasn't changed the appearance of my leg though, only given me 3" around the waist)

At fifteen I was a pretty chunky kid 5'6" and weighed 185, when I was sixteen I went down to 165 and by the time I was seventeen had grown to 5'8" and was at a regular 155 . This weight loss I attribute to these changes I made: working out 15 minutes before bed 2-5 times a week, running occationally, not skipping any meals, not taking second helpings. I lost my last 10 lbs after joining taekwondo.

Around the time I was seventeen I noticed the dent in my leg for the first time it doesn't hurt in anyway way I don't regularly inspect my leg, but one day I noticed it was there. At eighteen I started weight lifting and am currently 21, I haven't seen any noticable changes in the dent since the time I fist saw it four years ago. My current routine involves 3 days of weight training (most of the time) following the abs diet routine and 3 days of taekwondo. I've mostly focused on abs, arms and cardio and haven't actually given my legs a whole lot of special attention. I usually eat healthy, but probably have an unhealthy snack or two everyday and likely don't drink as much water as I should.

It's not from leaning against anything because I've moved three times since then and haven't noticed anything I lean on regularly. Perhaps it's the way we sit in a chair restricting blood flow and letting the legs be to lazy? Some other cultures crouch on their haunches or kneel.



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A site with some info

I found this website it calls the problem 'Lipoatrophia Semicircularis(LS)' if this sounds like you and your interested in finding out more, here's some of what it says, for myself I don't think I fit into this description because I don't work in an office and have moved around a lot but still have the dent:

"The disease takes the form of "dents" in the fatty tissue of the legs of the office workers. It takes about 3 - 6 months to appear. If the worker leaves the environment, it takes a few months to dissappear. If the worker comes back, the problem can reoccur. Some people thought this condition was caused by physical pressure of the desk on the legs. This is discounted by many studies in the Netherlands. LS only started appearing with highly automated offices, not with the use of desks...

Typically, the lipoatrophic zone is localized on the anterolateral side of the thigh, 72 cm above the floor (data gathered on patients wearing shoes) - 72 cm is also the standard height of our office furniture. The lesion can be uni- or bilateral and is between 5 and 20 cm long, about 2 cm wide and 1 to 5 mm deep. The skin remains intact.(fig. 1,2,3) By the onset of the lesions (mostly 2 or 3 months after moving into a new office), some patients mentioned a feeling of heaviness, some experienced a tingling or burning sensation, while others suffered from an increased degree of fatigue.

The lesions could disappear spontaneously after several months, but mostly improved only when people moved to another location in the building, were absent from work for a long time or were on maternity leave. However, the atrophy would come back when they returned to work in the same environment."


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I like how all these "I have a dent" posts are people with 1 post. Funny how nobody else who have been here a bit have it happen to them.

I think that's because we are all searching Google/Yahoo etc for answers to this, and when we come across something we are all eager to post.

I had the horizontal dents in both my Quads back in 2008. They appeared out of nowhere. I made a few changes at work, such as the chair I sit in. And suprisingly the dents got better. I am now even more active, dancing 3 times a week, and running 3.5 miles 2-3 times a week as well. I've lost 13 lbs since 2008 and the dents dissappeared over the course of 6 months. But it was brutal bc it was very noticable and as a young 24 yr old at the time..that gives you a complex.

I've actually noticed mine ever so slightly coming back on my right thigh. Not visually so bad, but I can feel it when I run my hand over it. So I'm curious to see why it might come back.

But it can totally dissapear as fast as it came. It amazes me no Dr's know wh at it is.
Can anyone take a picture of this and post it please? I'm really curious as to what this is..
Maybe it's cellulite?


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semicircular lipoatrophy

Someone already posted a link to this "semicircular lipoatrophy," so everyone who's asking for pics on this "condition" should take a look at them. For me, the dent started about 3 months ago--it literally came out of no where.

My bf thinks I'm crazy but there has to be some explanation as to where this came from and what's causing it. And since it doesn't hurt and isn't effecting my daily life (beside be really annoying) the Docs are prob. going to think I'm crazy too. Idk who else looked at that link that was posted about semicircular lipoatrophy but it says that women who work in offices had the same problem that we do. Once they stopped working in the office environment, their dents went away. The theory is that the dent is caused my electromagnetic fields in the office due to computers and other electronics. But it seems like they're sample only includes women for some reason.

As for the leaning... when I wash dishes, the cabinet door handle presses into my leg. It seems to line up with the dent, but can leaning against something really cause an indention like that for months?!?!


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Leg muscle dent caused by leaning against counter

I posted to this site a few years ago after doing a google search on "leg muscle dent". I had a noticeable horizontal dent across the front of my right quad. Someone had posted on this site that they thought it was due to leaning against a counter. I found that I leaned against a counter to put on makeup, and at work. The dent lined up perfectly with the height of these counters. I stopped leaning, and the dent went away, completely! So, Yes, you can create a dent in your muscles by leaning on them. It is very unlikely that electromagnetic forces would have anything to do with it. I bet if you followed women around at work that you would find that they lean against all sorts of counters, tables, photocopiers, etc. It is a very rational explanation, and doctors are unlikely to be familiar with it.


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what would someone do to make the dent go away quicker? i recently started working out, ive only worked out on my legs twice because i noticed the dents in my thighs and figured it was from the machine thaat i was using. the dents match perfectly with the part of my leg that the machine puts the weight on. also, when i do my makeup it lines up with the same place. so i was thinking it was the combination of working out the muscle so it was tender and then leaning against my counter so when the muscle reformed it didnt form properly. but its hideous and im so self conscious wearing shorts, especially when i noticed in a picture that someone took of me. and everyone asks me if theyre bruises..im just wondering if working out without using a machine may reshape the muscle to grow properly? or should i stop working out on them entirely? what would make it better?! ah!


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hello everyone!
I have the same problem- and when i googled it and found this site it both freaked me out and made me feel better (cos i knew i wasnt alone)
I have 10cm long "dents" along the front of each of my thighs, about half way down. Alot of people were stumped by what would cause it including doctors, so i got an ultra sound done and its got to do with fat loss not muscle.
The doc said its lipoatraphy (spelling?) and said it might go away and might not...pretty vague buut at least my muscles arent deteriorating!!
so im going to hang out and see what happens, hopefully it goes away, if not there is a cosmetic procedure to inject fat back into the area... so yeah apparently its nothing to worry about! just a weird occurance...


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Hi folks, It's good to know other folks are concerned about this occurance. I have a dent on my right leg at the muscle area on the right side of my knee. It doesn't hurt but when I look at it, it bothers me. I had broken my ankle 3 years ago and thought maybe this was result of the injury. I'm still not convinced nothing is wrong and will go have it checked out. It did interest me that folks say their dents are probably as a result of leaning against something. So I thought about it and realized that I cross my right leg over all the time and the dent is at the same spot my left knee is when I rest my right leg when it's crossed. Now I am trying to not cross my right leg to see if it makes a difference. However, I think the damage, is done. We shall see. I just hope it's nothing more serious.


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see a chiropractor and doctor. sounds like a lot of people get it so it may be from genetics. highly unlikely from bad form in the gym.


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I have a dent on my thigh also. It seems to be smaller than the one you've mentioned but still very prevalent.


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The same has happened to me in the past month, hence the reason I searched the web. I also train daily cardio, weights etc and my right outside leg has a dent. I am off to to the doctors Friday, however don't feel so bad now. Maybe it is a strain from over training, as I do excercise a lot and like others I am not overweight and keep very fit. So glad I found this and will post back what doctor thinks it is, if they know!