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Hey guys, I am in a really bad stop, throughout my 20s I focused on my career and really neglected my body, to be honest, I've never been fit my entire life, The only time I was getting rid of the weight was when I was addicted to meth, which ended with me in hospital with a pericardiac leak, I am clean for 7 years as of today, the only bad habit that was left was smoking cigarettes, however, today I decided to just stop them as I want to dedicate all of my free time to my body.

For the last two years, my daily steps average was below 1000, three days ago I got myself a gym membership and I slowly starting to make progress. Today I made it 4000, I am also doing circle workouts for the full body with small weights not more than 20 kgs, I intend to keep it like this for two weeks then progress to push-pull and legs with progressive overloading.

My current weight is 124 kgs, I also asked a friend of mine to do an eating plan for me since I don't know much about that.

Currently, not constantly, usually, I will substitute the launch a few of days with fish i eat this

1850 kcal - >

Peach is not my favorite but i do have a tree in the garden so why buy something else?

Breakfast: -> Carbs 34g, Fat 12g, Protein 46g
  1. Eggs boiled 1 medium - 63 kcal​
  2. Egg whites 3 large - 51 kcal​
  3. Milk 3.7% with 30 g of gold standard white chocolate - 214 kcal​
  4. Peach 240 g - 101 kcal​
Launch: -> Carbs 65g, Fat 13g, Protein 73g
  1. Boiled Potatoes 2 small - 216 kcal
  2. Peach 150 - k
  3. Veal shank (it's baked beef) 350g - 401 kcal
Snacks: Carb 9 Fat 7 Protein 27
  1. Milk 3.7% with 30 g of gold standard white chocolate - 214 kcal
Dinner: Carbs 12g, Fat 10g, Protein 40
  1. European Sea bass 170g - 160kcal
  2. Tomato 250g - 45kcal
  3. Cucumber 64 - 10 kcal
  4. Whole milk cheese 50g - 120 kcal
Is there something wrong with the diet, and does anyone have any suggestions that can help me on my weight loss journey?

Thank you in advance.


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Hi, Kris & welcome to the forum. Congratulations on deciding to make your health a high priority. Increase your steps a little bit at a time. I used to think of how I could save myself some energy but now I just walk whenever I can. Add some more veggies if you can, especially greens. Are you aiming for low carb?


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Hi Kris:

Welcome to the forum. The one thing that sticks out to me is that your calorie goal seems low. For context, I started tracking calories in March 2021, weighing 277.8 pounds / 125.6 kg-so very similar to you. I was age 52 at the time, so I'd expect my metabolism to have been lower than yours, as it sounds like you're younger than I am. I just double-checked: I used the LoseIt app to calculate my calorie goal, and it put me at aroudn 2400 kcal per day at that weight, so that's why 1850 sounds really low to me.

One thing I've learned in the 17+ months of this journey is that I'm better off eating more calories and taking it more slowly than trying to lose too much too fast. I just end up getting super hungry and massively overeating/going off the plan, and from what I've read that seems like a pretty common experience when people over-restrict. I'd consider a higher calorie number than that. Following a less restrictive calorie goal has helped me stay on track far better than the times when I've just made myself hungry by under-eating too much. I've lost around 85 pounds / 38 kg since that start point.
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