HRR @ Age 45


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For the past 2 years I've noticed something odd with my heart rate range (I think it's called HRR) and hoping others can shed some light on this.

My resting HR is 52 but my max heart rate when hiking or cycling hits 195. I am male, 45 years old, 179 lbs, 6ft 2in and this range seems extreme, especially the 195 side of it.

I measure my heart rate with different devices. I have a Wahoo Tickr arm band and an Apple Watch 6.

I do cycling about 7 hours a week and when I pump out the watts, my HR hits the 190s. When I stop exercising, my HR immediately drops down to below 100, within a couple minutes, and then later drops into the 70s, then during sleep and in the morning it's around 52.

Another thing that seems odd is that I can bike for several hours with my HR around 160-180. It's a hard workout, but I don't feel like I'm dying.

I've seen several doctors, including a heart doctor / surgeon, who all think it's fine.

I'm curious if anyone else has similar resting and max HR and if so, any warnings from docs, problems, etc? The high end has me a bit worried.


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A low resting heart rate coupled with a fast recovery from max effort exercise is a good indicator of great cardiovascular fitness. You have done the right thing by getting checked by your doctors, if you are still concerned get checked again in another 6 months.