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Hi all,

I am at an impasse with weight loss. Over the years I've done really well on certain programs and then put all the weight back on. I am now probably the heaviest I have ever been and I contribute it to a very disorganized lifestyle due to my job role.

I am a service manager for a domiciliary care agency and I am always either working or on call. I've had 2 days actually off in the last 10 months.

I can be working 7 days a week with a 6am wake up and sometimes as late as 2am getting to bed depending on my workload.

I find this job very rewarding and I am better off financially and development wise. It's not so simple to walk away.

The crux of the issue is I cannot organise myself in terms of diet. I can drink lots of water but then I'll get hungry and eat to much and at ridiculous times of night. I know how wrong this is. My job just sometimes doesn't allow me to have a plan nor does it allow me to really go for lighter meal choices. Sometimes I only have enough time to nip to Maccies. There's only so many times I can eat a cold sandwich meal.

In the past I've been successful with a shake diet mixed with meals back when my life was more sustainable.

I've done well in group settings such as slimming world.

I lose alot of weight fast and then I'll fall off the wagon 3 to 4 months later if I manage that long. I've never been slim really so I have a big issue with pizza and sweet things.

I hate sugar but I just eat and eat even when I know it's wrong.

I have had exercising fads but again it's hard to have a system with how my life is.

Thanks for reading.

Bubba Brown

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What has been your favorite in all the options you have tried? I have been looking around the web and there are so many. Would I be wasting my with one of these supplements?