Glenn’s weight loss diary


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Hi everyone!

new here, and already part of the way through my weight loss journey!

After a year of lockdown, no gym and eating perhaps a little (lot) more than I should have done, I found myself at 304lb in the middle of March…I hadn’t been slim before lockdown, being a bit of a comfort eater, but I’ve never been quite this heavy.

I’ve gradually entered the world of calorie counting, and have found that I don’t hate exercise quite as much as I thought - so this is the plan going forward.

Am hoping that posting here daily will keep me engaged!


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CW: 257lb
GW: 180lb


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Hi, Glenn & welcome to the WLF forum. Well done losing almost 50 lbs. Go, you!


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Hey Glenn, and another welcome!

Tell us a bit more about yourself and your goals. It will help with support and advice.

And another congrats on the 50 pounds, that is no small accomplishment!


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Thanks everyone!

I’m 25, 6’3 and always been of a ‘big build’, never having had a particularly healthy relationship with food but I played rugby (like the Brit I am) and went to the gym a few times a week so it was kept at bay. Bring a national lockdown into the mix where because of an underlying health condition I was under shielded guidance (couldn’t/shouldn’t at least leave the house) for 9 months) and the comfort eating worsened without the exercise!

I’ve been working from home since and still haven’t got back into the gym fully as I’m easing myself back in to it but feel like I’m getting there!

I’ve essentially been on a 3 month ‘restrictive’ diet on a 5:2 of around 1300:2000 calories which keeps me able to continue as I don’t have to really worry about it over the weekend. Have had a couple of binges that put me over even my off day calorie count but in the scheme of things - I’m feeling much better in myself!


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Have had a couple of binges that put me over even my off day calorie count but in the scheme of things - I’m feeling much better in myself!
That's the most important thing. 1300 kcal/day does sound extremely restrictive for your stats but Alligatorob has proven it's possible to stick to it.


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Hey Glenn, down a pound is good!

In my experience trying to stay away from those binges is important. LaMa is right I was able to stick to a very low calorie diet for a long time, but I am not sure it was the best thing to do. If you look at Err it seems to me his path, and he has lost a lot of weight, might have been better. My problem with being on an ultra low calorie diet for so long is that I think it has messed with my metabolism, now almost a year after hitting goal I am still feeling those effects. I also believe I lost more muscle mass along with the fat. But despite all that I am glad to have the fat off, and think it was worthwhile. However if I had it to do again, something I do not hope for, I might reconsider. That said you need to find what works for you, and any healthy weight loss diet you can stick to will work. I did talk with my doctor about it when on the low calorie diet and got his blessing, suggest you consider the same.

Best of luck!