Gen's Journal (My Journey to my future me)

Hello Everyone,

I am newbie here and I want to be inspired by you/everyone. This past month I was able to meet a person whom I should say perfect for me, because he has a fit body, wearing a nice corp clothing and very smart, then after that first meeting as I travel home, I was asking myself "can I be like that person in the future?". So this past weeks I began planning on all sorts of stuff for me to do and I stumble upon this site to make like a public announcement that I will achieve that goal.

Weight: 220lbs /100.03kg
Height: 5'8"
Fat index 34.2%
Fat Mass 34.3kg
BMI: 33.9

Goal: 80kg
Fat index =17-23%
Normal Fat Mass = 13.5-19.7kg
I lost 80lbs in 7 months and I have been keeping it off ever since!! I’m setting new goals and working my way towards them everyday!

Never give up because it is all worth it in the end!
Gens Journal My Journey to my future me

I think this journal was what we needed currently. I applaud you for making it and Im very interested in keeping up with it.