Floater's diary

I made a bottle garden that doubles as a living prayer because right now I need a little extra faith that things will turn out OK.

Lunch: potatoes and tuna, pineapple smoothie for dessert.


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Dinner: cold blender soup with whatever veg I had in the fridge, some oil, spices, smoked tofu and chickpeas. Doesn´t taste too amazing freshly made, but should taste better once refrigerated overnight, and what matters is I get that I stay nourished. Also 200g of cottage cheese.
Had a long walk. Talked with a friend whom I ran across. Nice.

100g chicken, pineapple smoothie, dates, cold soup, maybe more smoothie or dates
That little garden is lovely, Arvo. I can't find the words for how you are treated at the trans clinic. Stay strong xo
That little garden is lovely, Arvo. I can't find the words for how you are treated at the trans clinic. Stay strong xo
<3 that means a lot, forum mom.

Brekfast: cold soup. My fiber intake is high, which is great, but umm let's say I spend a lot of time on the throne. As long as I don't get cramps from way too much fiber, I consider all to be good. But I need to finish cr*pping and get to therapy. 🙈
Had one sugared energy drink while in therapy. Now at the Indian buffet. I don't think I can fit in a second plate but I still consider this money well spent. Can't live on blender liquids alone.
Aqua jogged for 50 mins. The psychological stress is clearly reducing my energy levels so I gotta accept it and realize that 50 mins of aqua jogging is still a solid workout. Had a locker room smoothie.

Now at home. Going to have some tea and my last portion of cold soup.
Ex´s brother came over to see Heikki - he hasn´t seen him yet. It was lovely. Heikki ninja-pissed on my meditation pillow so that wasn´t too nice of him. I´ll wash the cover, and hope that the barley-filled inner cushion will be ok after drying it in the sun. Taking it apart and roasting the germs out of the barley in the oven sounds like an absolute hassle and the cover also seemed to absorb most of the piss.

Dinner: potatoes with the last of my chicken bits, 200g of cottage cheese.
Chocolate, jerky, dried cranberries, dates. Sounds excessive but the psychological stress I'm in really makes my energy needs higher and my smoothies are low kcal just based on density.
Slept poorly but once I fell asleep, I slept until 2PM. Taking an extra rest day today. My body doesn't feel OK and I need to recover from the psychological stress of this week.
Dinner: well I'm definitely iron deficient. 400g of minced beef and rye bread toasted in walnut oil. A sugared Battery. Fuuuckk my caffeine habit probably worsens it. Anyway. Going to eat leafy greens and liver patee with the money I have left in my account.
A sugared battery? :ROFLMAO: Was that a typo or is there such a thing?
It does sound like you have an iron deficiency. Leafy greens & liver pate should do the trick.
Breakfast: lingonberry smoothie. I need to clean Heikki's cage today. I think I'll have another rest day. My brain and body need recovery from last week.
Autism assistance person helped watch over Heikki as I deep cleaned his cage - there was a Piss Incident last night. Idk what has made my lil man so ornery but I do believe he liked getting compliments from the assistance person.

I'm holding up surprisingly well. Made three portions of cherry and cacao protein smoothie. Going to have a cup of tea, then a walk and a shower. I'll return to my usual exercise routine tomorrow.
Lunch: three eggs, one portion of smoothie, rye bread toasted in oil with spices.

I´m under so much stress that it´s impacting my coordination. While showering, I busted my thumb open against the shampoo bottle´s cork, then when toweling myself I kicked the laundry machine by accident causing one nail to come loose and bleed. Not my day.