Emily Rose: The Reboot


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- Oh definitely, LaMa. I find him really interesting though so I hope we meet up again.
- Thanks Cate. I’m incredibly shy but I think I coped pretty well. I’m just so out of practice.

I am currently in my friend’s house, waiting for my dad to pick me up after an incredibly heavy night of drinking. I’ve probably felt worse, but I can’t wait to eat something and have a shower and sleep a bit more. I am playing tennis at 5pm, which I am happy about, as it will speed up the recovery process.

I played a game yesterday for 2 hours, it was really good fun. I love my club, I really do. It’s transformed my life in some ways.

I also had a weird conversation with a friend last night who was really drunk (the theme of the evening) and for some reason, she decided to bring up an acquaintance/friend that used to bully me really badly in school. And I just said that I honestly bear her no ill-will anymore whatsoever. Which was actually an astounding thing for me to say, because I never realised that I’d actually forgiven her.

There was something really cathartic about that conversation. I think I can continue to grow and change and leave my baggage behind me. I hope so anyway.


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It is so good to realise that you have forgiven someone who hurt you. I'm glad you have tennis now, Em. It has been good for you in lots of ways.