Dr. Abravanel's Body Type Diet- Anyone else on it?



So my best friend kept nudging me about this book called "Dr. Abravanel's Body Type Diet and Lifetime Nutritional Plan". I found out I was a thyroid body type, and so I had to sacrifice almost all carbs (including rice, corn and potatoes), all fruit, most dairy, coffee (especially anything with caffeine) and obvious things like sugar. I can have poultry, fish, beef up to 3x a week, vegetables, skim milk, plain yogurt and cottage cheese. The only other thing I can have is raspberry leaf tea. I have found I can have almonds as well which helps, and you can apparently have alcohol but every time I have tried beer I gain a pound the next day. I can get away with whiskey which is cool. I have been on this diet for 11 weeks and I have lost 32 lbs to date since July 10th and I possibly have 30 or less to go. I'm already looking significantly different!

So is anyone else on this diet?

To those that are looking, what you do is get this book, read it, take the 25 question multiple-choice quiz and based on which letter answer you answered the most determines your body type. There are 4 possible body types: Gonadal, Adrenal, Thyroid and Pituitary. From there you go to your designated section of the book and plan your diet based on the guidelines for that diet.

Personally I have found that I cannot eat the vegetable soup without having a gain day. You're supposed to lose weight when you eat it as the book suggests, but I gained two pounds from it and it took me almost a week to get rid of that weight I gained back. However if you eat the vegetables by themselves, you will lose weight. I really don't understand how that works if the chicken broth was already fat free and without potatoes or anything like that. I even warned my grandmother about that today as she felt "inspired" today at the grocery store.

So yeah. Let's talk body type diet! Wahoo! (I really miss fruit and coffee! :cry: )


Any type of 'diet' that completely cuts out certain food groups is destined to fail as far as I am concerned. And this particular one sounds like just one more of those fad diets that make the author of the book a quick buck. There is no way to determine what your body needs and doesn't need in 25 questions.

If you losot weight, then that is because you limited your food intake. If you gained weight, it's because whatever you were eating had too many calories. By the way, are you going to eat like this for the rest of your life? Because if not, you will most likely gain all the weight back that you lost as soon as you start eating like a normal human being again.


So far I have lost 32 lbs since July 10th without working out.

I plan on hopping off the wagon once I reach my goal weight. Honestly, this is the only diet that has worked for me so far and I know it's because my weakness is carbs. I also plan on working out every single day as I get closer to my goal.

Thank you for being honest.... do you have any other suggestions then? I tried so many other things and nothing worked. I even tried cutting back on portion size with my old diet and that didn't work either.

Wow. I feel stupid now... :'(


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Don't feel stupid, Anne. I think we all tried some "revolutionary" diet at some point or another. I used to look up to several people on the fitness "industry", but I eventually ended up disappointed by them.

One of the problems with the word "diet" is that it is temporary. You may lose weight with a diet, but if you go back to eating the same way you did when you were heavier, you are going to gain the weight back.

You don't need to follow any diet, most "diets" either leave you eating a very low amount of calories, limit your intake to a ridiculous selection of foods (I.e: Atkins, Paleo, cabbage soup diet, etc) or make you follow a dubious protocol such as the Alkaline diet or the HGC diet.

You can simply count calories. As long as you don't exceed your calories and you get the the necessary nutrients, you can still enjoy some of the foods you like (Remember to be moderate).

You can lose weight without exercising, but you will eventually you will reach a point on which you cannot lower your intake without risking your health. Some exercise is recommended, but that doesn't mean you have to start doing intense exercise right away. You can try walking a bit more or doing a sport you like. You can also try in-doors activities if you don't want to go outside or you prefer those. the best exercise is the one you will actually do.

But don't feel bad, you did lose some weight, now you need to make good habits you can stick to.