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Strength Training: "Pull" day: back and bicep focus. Rows, shrugs, and curls. My effort/engagement/focus seemed to be above average for me today. Good workout.
Cardio: 7+ miles of easy/conversational-pace running. My "easy" pace is DEFINITELY getting faster. Yay improved fitness.
Pre-Workout (473 calories): 3 really small bananas (as in three weighed a little less than typically 2 of them do,) Costco nut butter mix, collagen peptides​
Post-Workout (210 calories): Fairlife chocolate protein shake, 1 applesauce/mango/carrot pouch, mainly to fuel run​
Breakfast (886 calories): greek yogurt w/ whey protein powder topped w/ granola and triple berry mix
Mid-Morning Snack (176 calories): 1 apple and cinnamon cereal​
Lunch (968 calories): sirloin, 2 eggs, 3 oz egg whites, toast w/ strawberry jam​
Afternoon Snack (59 calories): 4 oz watermelon​
Dinner(265 calories): salad made w/ 50/50 spring mix, cucumbers, onions, sweet peppers, topped w/ grilled chicken breast​
Evening Snack(109 calories): 2 kiwi fruit​
Today's Calorie Goal -- 3150​
Today's Calorie Plan -- 3137​
Carbs -- 346g (Sun-Thu Daily Goal = 300g+, Fri-Sat Daily Goal = 350g+)​
Protein -- 225g (Daily Goal = 200g+)​
Fiber --67g. I'm going to stop reporting fiber, since I'm so far beyond the 40g goal every single day and see no benefit in increasing the goal. Just checked and I'm averaging 62g a day for the last 3 months.​
Saturated Fat -- 28.5g (Goal = Weekly Average of 25g or fewer)​
Week Begin Weight: 181.95​
Today's Weight: 182.12​
24-Hr Scale Change: +0.17​
7-Day Scale Change: -2.02lbs​
Scale Change Since 7/11 Cut Begin at 204.76: -22.64​

Super encouraged by the run today. I'm still slightly increasing weekly mileage, so it was a little longer than my longer midweek runs have been, but with a lower heart rate and faster pace. It's always helpful to see tangible signs of improvement.​

I also have an "annoying" non-scale victory to report: I can no longer wear size "Medium" gym shorts on my runs without having to pull them up like every 5 minutes! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: I threw out all of my XXL and XL shorts and sweatpants a good while back, and reduced to mostly Mediums. Forunately, I do have three pair that are size "Small," so I guess I'm going to have to be more intentional about rotating them through the laundry, 'cause that nonsense today got on my nerves, and it seems a little too close to winter to go out and buy another pair or two of smalls that I probably won't *really* need for another 6 months or so. (That said, I will look for sales on summer clothes and grab some if the price is right.)​
The rest of the day looks fairly sedentary other than likely taking the dog for a walk of decent length this evening.​

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Congratulations on the pant size drop! The online calculators not being accurate for you just means you're not average. Which... seems accurate to me. So many factors play a role in your metabolism that no calculator can catch them all so starting with a calculator as a basis and then experimenting irl seems sensible to me.


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That's a lot of rain :eek: I don't mind running in the rain but 3 hours sounds like a recipe for bad chafing even when you don get washed away.