Indianapolis Colts Wide Receiver Austin Collie

Making it to the Super Bowl as a Rookie



Austin Collie is the "rookie" wide receiver for the Indianapolis Colts that is slowly gaining fame in the world of football. A former BYU wide receiver, Collie has worked hard at his record of 24 catches for 264 yards, and the 4 touchdowns he has scored this season. Although Collie claimed in an interview that he has "a lot to learn and continue learning," he sure has managed to prove his self worth in the NFL.

Collie's most recent performance (7-123-1) was in the semi-final game against the New York Jets, where the Colts had an overall victory of 30-17. Now comes the greatest opportunity in this rookie's career, a shot at winning Super Bowl 44. However, a spot in the Super Bowl this year could not have been accomplished without Collie's effort and dedicated team work. Even quarterback Peyton Manning commented on both rookies Pierre Garcon, and Austin Collie, stating that Collie "did not have any rookie look in his eye all day" at the semi-final game against the Jets.

After Marvin Harrison (who holds significant receiver records) was released in the offseason, and Anthony Gonzalez's season ended by a drastic knee injury, Collie knew he had to step up his game. In a recent interview Collie claimed he knew what had to be done, and that he "didn't want to be that guy that caused a three-and-out or cost the game."

But Collie did the exact opposite of costing the Colts the game in the semi-finals to gain them a shot at the Super Bowl title. While the Jets were leading in the first half of the semi-final game 17-6, Collie accounted for all the yards on an 80-yard scoring drive, making catches at 18, 46, and 16 yards.

Collie celebrated with his wife at home after the semi-final game, but is still shocked at the fact that he will be competing in the Super Bowl. "What happened (in the semi-final game) is something I will remember for the rest of my life," he said. Not many get the opportunity to play in a Super Bowl game as a rookie, and Collie said that his friends and family keep reminding him about how ridiculous it is that he is going to the Super Bowl.

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